[Engineer] Rank Application Form
Application form for the Engineer rank of the WolvHaven server.
The Engineer rank is for players with outstanding skills in the field of redstone.

Engineers get:
- Build rights in the city
- WorldEdit
- Gamemode

Applications are processed by administrative days (3rd Saturday every month)
Submissions after the Saturday before administrative day may be processed in the next administrative day

You are suggested to have created redstone contraptions within the WolvHaven server for assessment.

You need to have Basic WorldEdit Qualification (or Gardellia WorldEdit perms) to be accepted.
You may take the WorldEdit Qualification test & apply at the same time. Your acceptance may be withheld until you obtain the qualification

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and presenting it as yours. You are committing an act of plagiarism even if you copied another person's structure/build by building an exact copy of it yourself.

Engineer ranks are to be awarded to people who have adequate building skills, technical knowledge and creativity. We pride ourselves in only awarding this status to people who deserve it.

Individuals caught plagiarizing will be blacklisted.

3 Consecutive application rejects will result in a blacklist of 1 month
Cheating (plagiarism) will result in a blacklist of 6 months
All attempts during your blacklist period will be automatically rejected.


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