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Thank you for agreeing to this short interview. Feel free to answer in as much or as little detail as you wish and don’t worry if you don’t answer all the questions!
These interviews form the “Featured Friday!” segment of the Zealot Script website and are published on the site once per week, you guessed it, every Friday. In general these will be posted in the order in which they are received so there may be a gap of a few weeks between the receipt of the interview and it going live on the site.
If you’ve got a specific date in mind that you would like to promote, such as the release of a new book, a signing tour or any other publicity event, then let me know and I will be happy to work on getting a specific Friday for you that will maximise the exposure.
I look forward to reading your answers.
Pete Richmond
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Author Bio
What’s your favourite part of the lifestyle of an Author?
What made you start writing?
Is there an Author that you consider your inspiration?
What’s your number one tip for an aspiring Author?
What type of book do you like to read and does this differ from the genre that you prefer to write?
Which one of your characters would you most like to spend time with?
Which book do you consider a must-read?
What’s been the hardest edit that you’ve had to make? Why did you want to keep the material in?
If you could live in a book, which one would it be?
If you could pick an Author to write your biography, who would it be?
Is there any conflict between what you want to write and what you think your readers will like?
What effect can a review have on you, if you read them at all? Both the good and the bad.
Can you sum up your life story in ten words or less?
What’s exciting you about your next project?
And finally, you have one quote to be remembered by, what is it?
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