Milton Wolf Registration, 2021
Who should fill out this form:
- teachers and school club and youth group leaders whose students will submit Milton Wolf Projects in 2021;
- students who will submit a project outside of the context of a class, school club, or youth group.

Please be sure to read the requirements for the project at, and complete this form as soon as possible so we can contact you with updates, including any possible deadline extensions.

Questions? Please contact Lauren Granite, Centropa's US Education Director, at, or (301)787-0052.
Name *
School Email Address *
Personal Email Address (Many school systems reject emails, so please include a personal email address if you can. Students: you must have permission from you parent or guardian, and you may also give us a parent's or guardian's email address .) *
Phone number *
School, City, and State (e.g., The Mount Washington School, Baltimore, MD) *
Class subject or name of club or youth group in which you or your students will do the Milton Wolf Project. *
Grade of students *
Teachers or Group leaders: approximately how many projects do you anticipate your students submitting? (some may work individually; others in groups)
Students submitting a project outside of a class assignment, club, or youth group activity, will you work alone or with other students? If working with others, please list all of their names. We will use the person and contact information listed above in this form as the contact person for updates.
Anything else you want us to know.
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