An international petition to urge the halt of the Jeju 2nd Airport (air force base) project


Moon Jae-in, President, Republic of Korea
Kim Hyun-Mee, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT), Republic of Korea
Cho Myung-rae, Minister of Environment (MOE), Republic of Korea
Jeong Kyeong-doo, Minister of National Defense (MND), Republic of Korea
Won Hee-ryong, Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Government, Republic of Korea

Dec. 2019

We the undersigned, who respect life and love peace, sincerely request the South Korean Government and Jeju Province Government to call off the Jeju 2nd airport project.

1. Jeju, the heaven-blessed Island of the Republic of Korea, is itself a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. However, Jeju is one of five areas in the world which clearly suffers from over-tourism (BBC news, April 2018). Lately, Jeju suffers from exhaustion of underground water, overflow of trash, and pollution of the sea. Its Islanders are threatened with the loss of their livelihoods and homes. When the annual arrival of 15 million tourists already exceeds Jeju’s environmental capacity, the idea of doubling the number of tourists per year by constructing the 2nd airport and its connection roads not only threatens the forests and oreums of Jeju but also the lives of the 670,000 Jeju Islanders. What is necessary to Jeju is not increased development or over-tourism but to preserve the ecology and environment of Jeju. The citizens of the world have communal responsibility for protecting the Earth. We are concerned about the destruction of the ecology and environment of Jeju due to the 2nd airport.

2. Despite the denial by the MOLIT and Jeju Island government, the Jeju 2nd airport will be highly likely to be used as an air force base. Jeong Kyeong-doo, Minister of National Defense, stated this November that there could be no other candidate areas for the Air Force’s planned Southern Search and Rescue unit than the planned 2nd airport area. Given the size and length of runway which much exceed the civilian aviation demand of Jeju, it is clear that the 2nd airport would be used as an air force base. The South Korean MND proposed the idea for a Jeju air force base in its mid-term plan in 1987, and it continuously reflected the idea in its mid-term plans since 1997. It changed the name of project from air force base to Southern Search and Rescue unit in 2006. It is just like the Jeju navy base being called the Jeju Civilian-Military Complex Beautiful Tourism Port. Additionally, it would be very likely that the Jeju navy base is connected to these plans for an air force base. Located in a geopolitically strategic point of Northeast Asia, the militarization of Jeju and its use as part of the United States domination strategy against China threaten to make Jeju the powder keg of Northeast Asia. Needless to say, it will draw the peace of the world into crisis. When President Moon Jae-in was still a Presidential candidate in 2017, he made clear his opposition to the idea of the Southern Search and Rescue unit, like most of the other major Presidential candidates. Due to concerns regarding the militarization of Jeju, the 2nd Jeju airport should be cancelled.

3. We, as global citizens concerned with human rights and democracy, express our concern that the Jeju 2nd airport project is being enforced in an undemocratic and unilateral way, as was the Jeju navy base construction. At least 30,000 Jeju Islanders were massacred under the direction of the US Army Military Government and oppressed by its puppet South Korean government during the Jeju April 3rd uprising and massacre (March 1, 1947 - Sept. 21, 1954). Jeju was designated as the Island of Peace in 2005 to overcome the pain of Jeju April 3rd. However, Jeju navy base construction was enforced disregarding the Islanders’ opinion and there were grave infringements of human rights and democracy. In the preparation process of the Jeju 2nd airport, worrisome situations have been found. The residents of Seongsan, as well as other Islanders heard the idea of the 2nd airport in Seongsan only through the central government’s unilateral announcement in 2015. The ADPi (Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie) report, made available to the public only after MOLIT and Jeju Island government hid it for four years, shows that there is no need for a 2nd airport. Won Hee-ryong, the Island governor, is refusing to make a space for public opinion-gathering despite demands for such by more than 80% of Islanders. There have been numerous protests against the Jeju 2nd airport project, such as six Jeju islanders including a resident of Seongsan who carried out long-term hunger strikes for between 16 and 42 days. We request the Moon Jae-in Government and Won Hee-ryong’s Jeju provincial government to respect the Jeju Islanders’ opinion to call off the Jeju 2nd airport.

4. Finally, we are concerned that the Jeju 2nd airport will contribute to accelerating the climate crisis which poses an immediate and urgent threat to us, and all humankind. The sea surface off of Jeju Island is rising three times faster than that of the average sea surface in the world. Jeju Island is the indicator of the climate crisis for the whole Korean peninsula. We must seriously consider and stop reckless development and militarization, the main culprits of the climate crisis. Jeju is not only for Islanders. The concerns of Jeju, one part of our Earth, concern all of us, citizens of the Earth, as well. Spiritual leaders of the world including Pope Francis, and above all the youth, our next generation, are desperately urging us to respond to the climate crisis, and stop over-development, which accelerates the climate crisis. We strongly urge politicians in South Korea and Jeju Island not to abandon their responsibility. And we also appeal to our friends in Jeju to save the ecology of the Earth together with us. We are borrowing the Earth from our next generations. We are jointly responsible for the life and peace of the Earth.

The petitioners
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Current signers who agreed for their signature to be made public (updated weekly): Christine Ahn, Women Cross DMZ, USA/ Kozue Akibayashi, WILPF, Japan/ Merci Angeles, Peace Women Partners, Philippines / Dennis Apel, Catholic Worker, USA/ Rose Bridger, Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM), UK/Martha Duenas Baum, Guahan/ Annette Brownlie, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, Australia/ Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor (Emeritus) MIT, Laureate Professor U. of Arizona, USA / Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa, the Nuclear Resister, USA / Fr. Pat Cunningham, Columban Mission Society, Korea/ Sasha Davis, Keene State College, USA/ Leonard Eiger, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, USA/ Bruce K Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA / Joseph Gerson, United Sates/ Mike Hastie, Veterans For Peace, U.S. / David and Jan Hartsough, Peaceworkers, USA/ Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace, U.S./ Martha Hennessy, Catholic Worker/Kings Bay Plowshares7, USA/ Christine Hong, Korea Policy Institute, United States/ Nadine Hoover, Friends Peace Teams' Asia West Pacific Initiative, USA / Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Green Spokesperson on Security, Peace and Defence, England and Wales / Martha Hennessy, Catholic Worker, Kings Bay Plowshares7, USA / Herbert J. Hoffman, Veterans For Peace, Chapter #63, Albuquerque, NM President, United States/ Jane Jin Kaisen, Artist, Denmark/ Kyle Kajihiro, Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice, Hawaiʻi / George Katsiaficas, Eros Effect Foundation, United States/ Tarak Kauff, Veterans For Peace, U.S./ Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, United States/ Nan Kim, Women Cross DMZ, USA / Suzy Kim, Women Cross DMZ, USA/ Lee Haeng-woo, President Emeritus of the National Association of Korean Americans (NAKA)/ Steve Leeper, Vice President, PEAC Institute, Japan/ PAUL LIEM, Korea Policy Institute, Executive Board Member, USA/ Ramsay Liem, Prof Emeritus, Boston College, USA / Catherine Lutz, Brown University, USA/ Kevin Martin, Peace Action, USA/ Gavan McCormack, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia/ Kent Mesplay, Ph.D., Green Party, U.S. presidential candidate, USA/ Dr Hannah Middleton, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Australia / Katherine Muzik, Ph.D., Marine Biologist, USA / Satoko Oka Norimatsu, Director, Peace Philosophy Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada / Kyoko Okumoto, Osaka Jogakuin University, Japan/ Koohan Paik-Mander, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, USA / Hye-Jung Park, Philadelphia Committee for Peace and Justice in Asia, U.S./ Lindis Percy, Co-Founder of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases – CAAB, England/ John Pilger, journalist and filmmaker, Australia / Debbie Quinata, CHamoru Nation, Guam/ Lisa Savage, Maine Natural Guard coodinator, USA / Tim Shorrock, Independent Journalist, USA/ alice slater, World BEYOND War, United States/ Gloria Steinem, writer, feminist organizer, USA/ Mary Beth Sullivan, USA/ David Swanson, World BEYOND War, Executive Director, United States / Alice Slater, USA / Barry Sweeney, World BEYOND War, Ireland / TERAO Terumi, Professor Emeritus at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan / Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja) Professor, Oslo University, Norway/ Corazon Valdez-Fabros, Vice President, International Peace Bureau, Philippines / David Vine, Professor, American University, USA / Michael Wong, Vice president, Veterans for Peace, San Francisco chapter 69. USA/ David Webb, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), UK / Russell Wray, Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST), USA/ Colonel Ann Wright, Advisory board of Veterans For Peace, USA / Kil Sang Yoon, Executive Advisor, Korean Ameriican Nationa Coordinating Council, USA/ Dr Hakim Young, Afghan Peace Volunteers, Singapore/ Angie Zelter, UK / Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War, USA /Enrique Sánchez Ochoa, Centre Delàs of Peace Studies Officer, Spain / Jon Olsen, Green Party, USA / Roger Leisner, Radio Free Maine, USA / Jacqui Deveneau, Maine Green Party, United States / Will Griffin, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, USA / Rosalie Paul, Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks, USA / Bernie Eisenberg, Veterans for Peace, US / Alyssa Floyd, Maine People's Housing Coalition, Maine, USA / Polly Wynn Allen, University Lutheran Church, St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, women's leader, elder leader, Boston, USA / Natasha Mayers, Union of Maine Visual Artists, Maine, USA / Lawrence Reichard, United States, Diana Bohn, USA / Johnathan Durso, Massachusetts, Rev. Susan Warren, USA / Margaret, United States / Sebila, Syria / Winslow Myers, USA / John Morris, United States / Lesley Grahame, UK / Elliott Adams, USA / Jacqueline Cabasso, USA / Wolf Goehring, Germany / Allen Jasson, Katherine Hawkins, United States / Judy Robbins, USA / Ginny Schneider, USA / Susan Spivack, USA / Brian Noyes Pulling, M.Div., U. S. A. / Mari Deen Anderson, Pacific Northwest, USA/ Rosemary Mattingley, Australia/ Sharon Fenton, USA/ Marie Lynam, United Kingdom/ Emma Stitt, USA/ Frank Hernando, ICHRP, Philippines/ Ken Jones, USA/ Rosalinda, Italia/ Liu, Chia-Sheng, Taiwan/ prescilla tulipat, UP office of anti sexual harassment, philippines/ Kaia Vereide, USA/ Jessi Stitt, Ministry Director at Camp Grier, USA/ LAU CHUNG KI, Hong Kong/ Kenneth Ashe, Veterans for Peace, United States of America/ sze ting Wong, Hong Kong/ Catherine, Rev., Canada/ Cynthia Heil, NC/ Prabindra Shakya, Community Empowerment and Social Justice Network (CEMSOJ), Nepal/ LH Au, Hong Kong/ Ho Chit Ying, 大學路1001號, Hong Kong/ Ng Lok Hei, Hong Kong/ ann, hong kong/ Malcolm J Chaddock, Individuals For Justice (individuals for justice), USA/ Flora A Rogers, CA, USA/ Deborah Livingston, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Tucson AZ, USA/ Gary Pak, Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA/ hay cheung, hong Kong / 韋艷動人, Hong Kong/ judith lienhard, Oregon, USA/ Mario Margani, Italy/ Paul R Turner, USA/ James Walsh, Arizona, USA/ Andrea Schnitzer, International Strategy Center, South Korea/ Carmen Mateo, Nevada County Green Party (counsel), USA/ Rosabeth Koehn, USA/ Matthew fernald, United States/ John Spitzberg, VETERANS FOR PEACE, Alaska/ Dylan Siebert, Ontario, Canada/ Moinard Vincent, French entrepreneur, France/ Sofia Rose Wolman, USA/ Carolyn A. Hadfield, World Can't Wait Hawaii, USA/ Warren Brander, Canada/ Rachel Bjork, United States/ Hwayeon Lee, University of Colorado Boulder, U.S.A./ Elizabeth Cheung, UMass Lowell, USA/ Leonard Eiger, Norma Field, University of Chicago, Professor Emerita, USA/ Sumi Hasegawa, Article 9 Canada, Canada/ Grace Stitt, United States/ Peter Zack, Jr., Sacope Energy & Climate Activities, USA/ Angela Anderson, Artist, Germany/ Mieke Lansink, Netherlands/ Michiko Inoue, Canada Article 9 group, Canada/ Roger Shepherd, Hike Korea 남북간 문화교류, South Korea/ Karen Spicher, Peace Building School, Korea/Kagari Ando, Canada/ Susmita Bastola, Nepal/ Selina Cheung, Hong Kong/ Lee waiyi, Writer and community artist/ Tetsuro Matsuura, Japan/ Siu Chui Ping, Hong Kong /Jason Verney, United Kingdom/ Jae Wook Lee, Jesuit Service Cambodia, Cambodia/Nicole Erwin, United States/ Susan Thorpe, USA/ Noel Mackey, Ireland/ Juneseo Hwang, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom/ masako uemae, japan/ Ramon Sanders, The Netherlands/ Young Lim Lee, Italy/ Seung Hee Jeon, USA / Yi Jeong Ryeol, Italia/ Chim Ka Yan, Social Worker, Hong Kong/ Brenna Cussen Anglada, St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm, United States/ Holly G. Graham, United States/ Pono Nui, Malama Aina, Hawaii/ Eric Cadaughter, Tasmania, Australia/ Yeonhee Kim, Graduate Student at University of Hawaii Manoa, USA, Hideko Otake, Stand with Okinawa NY, New York/ anna Johansson, Sweden/ Stan Levin, Veterans For Peace, USA/ Jun Nakai, The society of Jesus, Japan/ Mitsunobu Ichiro, Society of Jesus, Japan/ Atsuhiro Katano, Mennonite Peace Missions Center, Japan/ kelvin wu, Hong Kong/ Hideyuki Koyama, Jesuit priest, professor of Sophia University, Japan/ Yanagawa Tomoki, Jesuit Social Center, Japan/Gene Kim, USA/ KAYABA Motoi, The Society of Jesus (Japan Province), Japan/ Gerd Lende, Norway/ Carolyn Coe, USA/ Robbie Buller, USA/ Bradley SMITH, U.S.A./ Lewis Patrie, M. D., M.P.H., Veterans for Peace 099, USA/ Lee Chun Fung, Hong Kong/ Kath Kelly, Australia/ Zelda Ruth Jeffers, U.K./ Mara Komoska, USA/ Shelley Buonaiuto, Citizens Climate Lobby, United States/ Mark Hoover, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, United States of America/ Rosalie Dance, Friends Peace Teams, USA/ John Skinner, USA/ muriel strand, USA/ Ed Solenberger, United States/ Helen Bayes, Religious society of Friends (Quakers) Australia/ Nancy Shippen, Friends Peace Teams, USA/ Gillian Fitzgerald/ Matthew Lykos/ Adam Broinowski, Researcher, Lecturer, ANU, Australia/ Claudia, AUSTRALIA/ Dawn Joyce, Australia/ Margid Bryn-Burns, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia/ Barbara H Fletcher/ Julie Hislop, Just Peace Queensland/ Australia/ Kerry petherbridge, Poet, Australia/ Alice G. Howard, Friends Peace Teams, United States/ Joseph Essertier, Coordinator, Japan for a World BEYOND War, Japan/ Andrew Cross, USA/ Maxine Barry, Convener, Tasmanian Regional Meeting Justice and Peace Committee, Society of Friends (Quakers), Tasmania, Australia/ Paco Michelson, USA/ Patricia Macgregor, Society of Friends - Quakers, New Zealand/ Sally MacKinnon, Australia/ Larry Kerschner, poet, United States/ Arnie Saiki, Moana Nui/ Jaye Cho, ICHRP US, USA/ Giordano Hardy-Gerena, United States/ Sally McGushin, Quaker Peace and Justice Committee, Tasmania Regional Meeting, Tasmania, Aistralia/ Andree Duguy, Uk/ FILO HIROTA, Catholic Council for Justice and Peace of Japan, Japan/ Motoki Tomoyose, No military bases and facilities in Pacific islands, Takae, Henoko, Miyako, Ishigaki, Amami and Yonaguni, Asia/ Valerie Flessati, "Pax Christi, U.K./ Shigeo Kobayashi, Japanese Against Nuclear - UK, UK/ Gail Whang, USA/ Brian quail, / Hannah Kemp-Welch, CND, England/ Jenny Clegg, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK/ Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States/ Josephine Petrov/ Tom D'Arcy, England, UK/ Ulla Klötzer, cooperator - Women Against Nuclear Power - Finland/ Ferdinand Liefert, Germany/ Paul Schneiss, Rev. , Germany/ Peter S. Morgan, Jr., Veterans For Peace, Maine, Chapter 001, USA/ Rev. Charles Ryu, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, USA/ Seung Hee Jeon, Professor, Boston College , USA / Linda Moh, S.P.Ring Indianapolis/Present, USA/ Edwin E Kang, Minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA), New York State, United States/ Olivia Agate, North Yorkshire England/ Sumi Hasegawa, Canada/ Dohee Lee, USA/ Mark Koenig, United States/ Nadia Kim, Professor, Sociology, Loyola Marymount Univ, USA/ Eunice Kim, Usa/ David Hoadley, Treasurer of Southampton CND, GB/ Father Martin Newell cp, Congegation of the Passion, UK/ Jieun Lee, USA/ Isabelle Philippe, U.S.A./ Jharna Subba, USA/ Martin Hart-Landsberg, Korea Policy Institute, USA/ Sue Heinemann, USA/ Jennifer Janif, New Zealand/ Mohammed Janif, New Zealand/ Laura Wilder, USA/ Indong Oh, USA/ Vincent Dodge, ‘Ai Pohaku- The Stone Eaters, Hawaii/USA/ Colleen Moore, Beyond the Bomb, Digital Engagement Manager, United States/ Mili Yoon, USA/ Julie Marlow, Australia/ Pua'ena Ahn, US Occupied Hawaiian Kingdom / Rita Camilleri, Pax Christi Victoria / Morag Carmichael, UK/ Harry Kerr , Pax Christi Australia/ Eunjung Lee, University of Toronto, Canada/ Joanna Nowicki, UK/ Amy Harlib, New York, USA/ Joseph Anthony Camilleri, Emeritus Professor, Australia/ Ian Smith, Victorian Council of Churches, Executive Officer, Australia/ Adilur Rahman Khan, Odhikar, Bangladesh/ Hui Hwa Nam, United States/ Patrick McInerney, "Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations, Australia/ Ellen Barfield, Baltimore, Maryland Chapter Veterans For Peace, USA/ Pam Nair, Pax Christi Australia, Australia / Mary Branson, Former Assiatant Professor at Jeju National University/ Jacques Boulet, Borderlands Cooperative, Australia/ Lina Koleilat, Australia / Erika Gagnon, Canada/ Sara Hayes, SENAA West, United States/ Associate Professor Mandira Tamrakar , Women Association for Training and Service, Kathmandu ,Nepal/ GREGORY GEORGE REYNOLDS, Australia/ Ju Hui Judy Han, Los Angeles, California/ Cory, USA/ Gloria Keun-A Park, USA/ CATRIONA DEVLIN, BRIGIDINE SISTERS KILDARA CENTRE, 3AUSTRALIA/ Margaret Bearlin, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, Australia/ Anna Saxon, Women in Black, Australia/ wilma Davidson/ Daliah, Germany/ Camilla Saunders, Wales, UK/ Glenda Cloughley, Australia/ Romina Beitseen, Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD), Australia/ Sarah Lasenby, Trident Ploughshares UK, UK/ Defromont, France/ Geraldine Gilleln, Whyalla, South Australia, Australia/ Ken Parka, Karma Thegsum Choeling, America/ José Maria Francos, Cultural Worker, USA/ Natsu Taylor Saito, Law Professor, Atlanta, Georgia, United States/ Laam Hae, York University/Associate Professor, Canada/ Liz Miyoung Kaufman, TRACE Collective, U.S./ Sarah Swift, Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign, United Kingdom/ BEDJO UNTUNG, IYPKP 65 Indonesian Institute for The Study of 1965/1966 Massacre, INDONESIA/ Jennifer Kim, United states / Eunjung Kim, Syracuse University/Associate Professor/ Chris Evans, United States/ Julie Enslow, Peace Action Wisconsin/ Yeji Jung, USA/ Jordan, United states of amerixa/ Marcy Gordon/ Marguerite Etemad, U S of A/ Kevin Vereide, USA/ yYoung Sun Han, Part-Time Lecturer, Rutgers University, United States/ Martin Schweiger, Indépendant Consultant in risk assessment, England/ Jessica LaBrie, Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals, United States/ David U'Ren, Rev., Australia/ M.Brinton Lykes, Boston College Center for Human Rights & International Justice, USA/ Peter Murnane, Dominican Friars, Australia/ Jennifer Bond, Quaker peace and Justice Committee, Tasmania, Australia/ Soell Bey, North America/ Yunji Hwang, Canada/South Korea/ Cliff, Unites States Veteran/ Mark Christopher Ealey/ Sarah Chung, Technology Educator and Curriculum Developer, USA / Naoko Yoshida, Japan/ sujin lee, U.S./ Annie Lee-Daly, United States/ Alexandra Gates, United States/ Susannah Stubbs, United States/ Ye Eun Lee, United States of America/ Theresa Do, USA/ Joanne Yi, United States/ Ben Kim, USA/ Trevor Dawn, United States of America/ anne taylor, Victoria/ Krystie Ng, Malaysia/ Cynthia Zayas, "Center for International Studies Benton Hall Diliman," Philippines/ Charles Bosco, USA/ Sean Martin, Philippines/ Amanda Kirkscey, United States/ Jon Douglas Solomon, Professor, University of Lyon/ Stephanie Earle, United States/ Sunik Kim, Nodutdol, USA/ vanessa , united states / Wendy Lee, USA/ Josefin Fast, Stockholm University, Sweden/ Hannah Edgar, USA/ Kelsey Christensen. USA/Jisoo Kim, United States/ Za'Alliiah Holliday, USA/ Seung Kyun Yim, USA/ Yebin Park, USA/ Astrid Wain, France/ Maryam Sallah-Mohammed, US/ Olivia Ascione, NY/ Emma Armijos, United States/ Anne Wallace-DiGarabo. President of South Central Penn Alternatives to Violence Project, USA/ Minju Bae, Nodutdol, USA/ Rebecca Lord, South Dakota USA/ Jenny Y. Cho, United States of America/ Felix Birch, United Kingdom/ Tessa Frazier, Canada/ Marvin Lukas Lorenz, Germany/ Tera Careccia, USA/ Stephen Patel, Student, PhD, USA/Julia Rolfart, Sweden/ Blake Reategui, Canada/Julian Lloyd, University of the Arts (Jr. illustration major), United States/J. Gayoung Lee, Columbia University, USA/ Tan Yan Foong @ Tan Ying Joo, Brunei Darussalam/ Andy Choi, High School student, United States/ Ji Hyun Kim, Canada/ Jane Kim, Canada/ PREDA Foundation, PREDA Foundation, Inc. Philippines/ Jade Cho, USA/Samuel Shin, United States/ Niklaus Kirschner, USA/ Dr Aruna Kammila, Global Network against weapons and nuclear power in space, India/ Remi Jokiranta, Scotland/ Ellen M. Morey, Prairie Street Mennonite Church, Indiana, USA/ Bo-Won Suh, USA/ Hangyul Choi, undergraduate student at UCLA, USA/ roy kim/ Gerard Moorman, Staff member Conference of Major Superiors in the Netherlands, The Netherlands/ Rosalie Riegle, USA/ mark/ Sam Macdonald, New Zealand/sam yergler, USA/ Phil Runkel, USA/ Hyobin Jamie Lee Tyberg, USA/ Patrick Bosold, Global citizen, United States/ Tommy Tran, University of California at Merced – Lecturer, United States/ Christopher Spicer, M.T.S., Estados Unidos/ Yuni Chang, War Resisters League, NYC/ Patti McKee, Director, Catholic Peace Ministry, USA/ Justin Morahan, human rights activist, Ireland/ Boyette lapulapu, Ban the Bases Network, Philippines/ ardaga widor, ardaga visual-aid, abya yala/brazil/ James W Douglass, Mary's House Catholic Worker, Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America/ Michael Rutkowski, Professor, astrophysics, USA/ Shelley Douglass, Mary's House Catholic Worker, Birmingham, United States/ Michele Naar-Obed, Hildegard House Catholic Worker, United States/ Katherine Kennedy, Jeju-si/ Kathleen Damm, Australia/ Annette Ormiston, Quaker. Religious Society of Friends, Australia/ Shannon, Australia/ Kristin Douglas, United States/ Haruki Eda, Nodutdol, US/ Stan Levin, Veterans For Peace, CA, USA/ Frank Campbell, VFP, United States/ Ally McCarty, United States/Jean Chapman/Diana Solomon, Australia/ Naima Ali, New Zealand/ Masatsugu Shimokawa, Society of Jesus, Japan/ Javier M. Claparols, Ecological Society of the Philippines, Philippines/ John Rouse, England/ Tony Simpson, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, UK/ Amy Harlib, NY/ Steve Leeper, Chairman, Peace Culture Village, Japan/ FILO HIROTA, Catholic Council for Justice and Peace, Japan/ Mike Gill, Syracuse University, United States of America/ Polly Wynn Allen, FACCT [Facing and Acting on Climate Change Together]/founder/coordinator, USA/ Barbara H Fletcher/ Paul Krumm, USA/ Father Claude Mostowik msc, President, Pax Christi Australia/ Melissa Yager, Catholic Worker, USA/ 김영훈, US/ Park Soo Ryung, United States of America/ Meagan McLeland, USA/ Paul Yushin Rapoport, Princeton University, USA/ Theresa Park, United States/ Lynn Le, United States/ Reem Zaitoon, United States/ Annie Lee, USA/ Eli Baumann, HealthPartners Health Disparities Research Initiative, USA/ 한지실, USA/ Linden McEachern, The United States of America/ Hannah Elizabeth Gatrost, United States/ Rumi w, USA/ Căruceru Vlad-Andrei, Communist Party of Romania, Romania/ Jennifer Baquing, United States/ Luka, KFA Serbia, Serbia/ Dale Pearson, United States/ Michelle Victoria, United States of America/ Shane, Azerbaijan/ Daria Bojan/ Fernando Alvarado, El Salvador/ Nick Brydels, USA/ Rachel Kim, Mount Holyoke College, USA/ Maya Caldwell, US/ Chantelle Mitchell, United States, 유주안, United States/ Nash Alam, Chicago IL USA/ Teresa Foglia, U.S.A/ Paschal Park, United States of America/ Deaglan An, USA/ Renea Baek Goddard, Lucie’s Place, Resident Assistant, United States/ Kyla Worrell, CA, USA/ Sungmey Lee, Johns Hopkins University, United States/ Wen, USA/ Celine Panisset, usa/ David Hoadley, Active in CND, Great Britain/ Bing Ibrahim, Indonesia/ Bryson, United States/ June L., USA/ Sarah Goodwin/ Tenzin Dasel, USA/ Nick Deane, Marrickville Peace Group, Ausralia/ Yuna Park, USA/ Johnna Warkentine, United States/ 林 尚志, Shimonoseki labor education center, Japan/ Charles Johnson, united states/ audrey koh, usa/ Eunice C, United States/ Fujioka Atsushi, Emeritus Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan/ YAMAMOTO MIHAGI, 不戦へのネットワーク, 日本愛知県名古屋市/ かもしたゆういち, 日本山妙法寺, 日本, MIE TAWARAYAMA, 日本/ Shunro Yoshida, Japan/ konishi makoto, shakaihihyosha, japan/ Miwa RIKIYA, 日本 山口/ aya, artist, Okinawa/ Kazuhiro SHIBATA, JAPAN/ YONAHA Taichi, Artist, Japan/ MOON Yong-Ae, 日本/ Mun yongsuk, 日本/ Masahiko Nakandakari, 日本/ oomura kazuhiro, 沖縄/ チノネジュンイチ, Zenko, 日本/ Jirou Oshima, 介護福祉士, JAPAN/ Jirou Oshima, 介護福祉士, JAPAN/ Ai Iwakawa, Tokyo/ MINAMINO MASATO, Japan/ INYAKU Tomoya, Japan/ いーやんす, 日本 千葉県/ Okimoto Fukiko, Japan/オオイシコウジ, オキナワ/ 益戸育江, 日本/ やまだ じゅんいち, 日本/ TAKAHASHI Toshio, Okinawa/ Akane Makise, じゃぱn/ Nakayama Yoshito, JAPAN/ ニシハラ マナブ, NPO法人なら人権情報センター, 日本 奈良県 田原本町/ チノネマサコ, 神奈川県/ Furukawa, Chikashi, 台湾東亜歴史資源交流協会,台湾/ AOYAMA KEISHO, JAPAN OKINAWA/ NAOKO KAWAKAMI, Japan/ Akiko Nishijima, USA/ Hiroko Suzuki, Canada/ Mio Nogawa, Japan/ ヤマグチタケシ, 琉球大学教育学部准教授/ MAMIKO IWSAKI, フリーランスライター, 日本/ 高愛理, 日本/ Kiyoshi MIYAKAWA, Japan/ わたなべ たかし, にほん/ Yorie Kaneko, Okinawa/ Yamada Kosaku, Antiwarsenior Group Kyoto, Japan, HARUHIRO HIGASHIDA, NAKAMA UNION MEMBER, JAPAN/ 山川博豊, ZENKO北海道, 日本/ カワタテルヨシ/ Tsuneo Takeichi, へのこにきちはいらない きょうとこうどう, japan/ 松尾和子, 日本/ 鄭欣娓, 台灣/ 翁倩文, 台灣/ 江櫻梅, 台灣/ Chen Yi ling, Taiwan / 王郁萱, 和平市民, 台灣/ Lau Pik Ka, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Taiwan/林立婷, 台灣/ 陳真, 紀念若雪巴勒斯坦資訊網, 中國,台灣/ 陳姿吟, 台灣/ 巫宗憲, 台灣/ 丁相程, 中国传媒大学南广学院, 中国/ 楊禮榕, 海筆子帳篷劇, 台灣/ 王興中, 東吳大學政治系兼任助理教授, 台灣/ Ray Peng, Taiwan Environmental Information Association, Taiwan/ Shunwei Wang, TAIWAN/ 王智明, 中研院歐美所, 台灣/鄭凱軒, 清華大學社會所學生, 台灣/ 蔡志杰, 工會會務人員,台灣
Morning at the planned Jeju 2nd airport (air force base) area, Seongsan, eastern Jeju, Korea (Photo by Kim Soo Oh, 2018)
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