USP 800 Compliance Quiz
Find out your weakest areas of compliance before the Dec. 1 deadline!
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Have you read USP 800? *
What type of organization are you? *
Do you have a list of hazardous drugs specific to your organization *
Have you performed an Assessment of Risk (AoR) for your hazardous drugs? *
Does your organization have Standard Operating Procedures specific to Hazardous Drugs *
Do you have a hazardous communication (HAZCOM) program? *
Does your organization have a Designated Person (DP) per USP 800? *
Have you trained your staff on handling hazardous drugs? *
Do you have personal protective equipment (PPE) that's appropriate for the hazardous drugs you handle? *
Do you and your staff know how to read and interpret a SDS sheet? *
Do you have a hazardous drug spill kit? *
Do you know the proper disposal procedures for hazardous drugs in your state/area? *
Do you mail or deliver (via courier) hazardous drugs? *
Does your facility have carpet in an area where hazardous drugs are manipulated? *
Do you have a hazardous drug acknowledgement form for staff? *
Do you have a company policy for staff who become pregnant or breastfeeding? *
Do you offer a voluntary medical surveillance program for staff handling hazardous drugs? *
Do you manipulate hazardous drugs beyond simple counting and packaging? *
If you compound hazardous drugs, does your facility have a negative pressure room for doing so? *
If you compound, do you have dedicated utensils and equipment for hazardous drugs? *
Do you have agents (e.g. 2% sodium hypochlorite, sodium thiosulfate) capable of deactivating and decontaminating the hazardous drugs you use? *
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