New City Registration Form
Hello! Do you not see your city (or one close to you) that offers the raid bus? There are many vibrant and active POGO communities out there in need of a Raid Bus! We are always looking for new ways and new places to offer the benefit of the Raid Bus. Please tell us about your local community and we will see what we can do to help bring the Raid Bus to you! Thank you for being an involved member of your community and we look forward to reading your response.
How many of your friends are daily POGO players? *
What city and state do you live in? What is the closest metropolitan area to you? *
How do you currently locate and participate in raids? *
How does your local POGO community communicate? *
Approximately how many active POGO players are in your community? *
Does your city have a downtown area? Is it bus friendly? (2 lanes of travel with turning lanes) *
Are you willing to spend 3-4 hours per week helping to promote and organize the raid bus? (not including time spent on the bus) *
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