BLS Crew Returning Rower Registration - Summer 2020 Part 2
This program is open to all Novice and Varsity athletes who have rowed at least one BLS full season. It will give athletes the opportunity to learn to row in a single scull or, for experienced scullers, the opportunity to refine techniques and work on conditioning on the water.

Based on the positive experience of the first few weeks, we are now opening up registration through the middle of August.

Current Health Regulations allow rowers to use a double, wearing face-masks. If you do NOT feel comfortable with that, there is an option in the registration form for you to opt-out.

​You may choose to participate in any number of weeks and, if less than three, they do not need to be consecutive. Each week will consist of five different time slots offered in an A session (M/W/F) or a B session (T/Th/Sat). You can rank your preferences during registration.

​We will offer separate sessions for rowers with Novice on-the-water experience (one or two seasons of Novice rowing prior to Winter 2020) and for rowers with Varsity on-the-water experience (at least one season of Varsity experience prior to Winter 2020). 

We have already designated two time-slots for Varsity (6am-8am & 6pm -8pm) and one time-slot for Novice  (10am-12pm). Because we want to be flexible on handling the demand, we have not designated yet for which group the other two time-slots will be (8am-10am & 4pm - 6pm). But we will make that determination based on the registrations.

Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate scheduling requests but capacity is extremely limited due to equipment constraints. To ensure that everyone has a chance to participate, even for timely registrations we may need to reduce the number of weeks requested, and we may not be able to accommodate requests for particular time slots. Please provide as many options as possible. If you have particular scheduling needs or requests, indicate them in the notes and comments section.
We hope that everybody will be flexible as we are trying to make this work for everyone.

Week 1: 7/27/20-8/1/20
Week 2: 8/3/20 - 8/8/20
Week 3: 8/10/20-8/15/20

The cost of the summer conditioning programs is $ 100 / week.

We will be providing rules addressing social distancing, sanitizing equipment, and other state and USRowing-mandated safety guidelines that all rowers must follow in order to participate.

​We expect all participants to follow all health and safety guidelines outside of the boathouse / practice as well to minimize the risk for fellow crew-members.

IMPORTANT: If you have not participated in the first 4 weeks of Summer 2020, please provide allergy and health information in the form below, and email an electronic or scanned copy of your child's physician school/camp form dated in the past 13 months to by Friday July 24, 2020.

IMPORTANT: All payment is due to Friends of BLS Crew by Sunday July 26, 2020. Limited financial aid is available for summer and can be requested by emailing

Payment options:

(1) To pay by PayPal/credit card, use the link on the BLS Crew website:

(2) Send a check (with the rower's name and "Summer 2020 Sculling Fees Part 2" in the memo line) to:

Friends of BLS Crew
c/o Roberta Upton
96 Goodenough Street
Brighton, MA 02135-2144

Rowers do not need to obtain a BLS sports clearance form or re-do the concussion training) for the summer program.
Contact Jasmine ( with any program questions, or with any registration or payment questions.

After registration form is submitted, the "Parent 1" email provided below will receive an email with this information, and it is also available at

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MWF=Monday, Wednesday, Friday, TTS = Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 6AM-8AM and 6PM-8PM is for Varsity, 10AM-12PM is for Novice, 8AM-10AM and 4PM-6PM are open for both Novice and Varsity. Please make sure you only identify one "1st Choice", one "2nd Choice" and one "3rd Choice" option!
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TTS 6AM-8AM (Varsity)
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TTS 10AM-12PM (Novice)
TTS 4PM-6PM (Open)
TTS 6PM-8PM (Varsity)
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Current Health Regulations allow rowers to use a double, wearing masks. If you do NOT feel comfortable with that, you can opt-out by checking this box.
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