APCS Project Update, Spring 2016
Please fill in this status report to communicate how progress is going on your final project. Please complete this by Thursday, June 2nd so there is time to make adjustments to have a quality project. (This report is worth 5 project points)
Project Name *
The final name for your project.
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AP CS Class Period *
Team Members first name(s) *
Please list all your team members - FIRST name only please
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Project Accomplishments so far *
What do you have working currently for your project? Let me know what major problems you have solved, helpful resources you have found, and successes you have had.
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How confident are you that you will complete your project by our due date? *
Working Code for review by Thursday, 6/4 for seniors and Thursday, 6/16 for Sophomores & Juniors. [Demos: Tuesday June 14th for seniors, and Tuesday, June 21st for juniors & sophomores.]
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What do you still need to complete? *
List the features you still need to add to your project and any major blocking issues you may need assistance with. Feel free to also comment how working as a team is going.
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Any changes to your original Project Proposal? *
List any additions or features you will need to drop to complete your project here. If you are almost done, consider how you can add to your project; if you are not on track what can you scale down to still have a solid project?
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Is there any specific help you could use with your project?
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