2018 NEA BAT Caucus Membership
Through this form you can submit your membership information and pay for your 2018 NEA RA Caucus dues (link is at the end) which for some states confers you membership to your state caucus, too. Confirmation of payment of national dues is forwarded to state caucus leadership for states with an affiliate caucus. For questions regarding whether your state's caucus is an NEA BAT Caucus affiliate, contact Shannon.Ergun@hotmail.com.

Article II – Membership
Section 1: Categories of Membership & Voting Rights
A. Active membership shall be open to all persons who are active members of the NEA, employees of NEA and its state and local affiliates, or life members of the NEA. Active membership has full voting rights
B. Student membership shall be open to all student NEA members. Student membership has full voting rights
C. Retired membership shall be open to all NEA-retired members. Retired membership has full voting rights
D. Membership shall become effective upon payment of dues and membership year runs from the day after the gavel drops to close NEA RA through the last day of NEA RA.
E. In order to vote in the current election, membership must be purchased prior to the end of RA business on the day before caucus elections. (Exceptions will be made in the founding year)
Section 2: Members agree to support the mission and goals, and be in good standing on the FaceBook Page, if on FaceBook, of the National BATS FaceBook group and agree to be the members of the caucus attending official caucus meetings during the NEA-RA.

Article IX – Finance
Section 1: Regular Membership Dues shall be $10 per year
Section 2: Contributing Membership dues shall be $20 per year, conferring the same rights but with additional benefits to be determined by the NEA BATS Officers.

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Have you paid your dues? Dues are $10 (Gold Star Membership - $20). Right click the link to open it in a new tab, find the "One Time Donation" button on the right, and in the notes box, indicate it is for membership. http://www.badassteacher.org/ Remember to click submit on this form to complete member registration. *
Have you requested to join the NEA BAT Caucus Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/518270514941695/?ref=br_rs? Please note that the page is cleared annually on Sept 15th, so even if you were a member previously but you are completing this form after Sept 15th, you will need to re-request to join the Facebook page. *
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