Antenna Internship Pre-Interview
Antenna is in search of a select group of interns for the beginning of 2019 to assist in various aspects of programming.
Because Antenna is a small organization, the Antenna Internship is a rich and rewarding experience for those interested in visual art, creative writing, and arts administration. Ideal candidates will have the desire to understand the inner workings of a small grassroots arts non-profit, feel comfortable working unsupervised, be highly self-motivated, creative, and have a background or desire to work in the visual and/or literary arts. With particularly ambitious individuals, there is always the possibility that they may develop their own original programming or get assistance in the development of their own work.

If seeking school credit, a 10 hour per week minimum commitment is required, with the length and schedule of the Internship to be developed to fit the ideal candidate’s schedule.

Please answer the questions below. If interested, we will contact you soon to schedule an interview.

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Within a small organization, interns get a holistic view of developing creator-driven and community based work, but your work with Antenna will have a focus and so we want to know which aspects of the organization you are most excited about. Check all that apply.
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Tell us a little bit about why our organization and what you feel an internship at Antenna could provide you.
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Of all the experiences listed on your resume, tell us which one you liked best and why.
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Tell us a few ways you stay organized and/or provide a specific example of how you organized a project.
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Tell us about your unique voice and/or perspective that will contribute to the diversity of our workplace.
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As a creator-driven organization, we would love to see a creative project you've developed. This could be anything: a photo, drawing, painting, short story, video, book. Absolutely anything that you made. This is optional, but highly recommended.
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