Visual Story Survey
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Undergraduate Degree / Profession prior to ETC
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Do you have a car?
This helps us to divide teams up because you'll be carrying heavy film equipment around for group projects.
Give us an idea of your background. This information will help us build balanced visual story teams. On a scale of 1-5: 1= No Experience, 3= Some Experience, 5= Strong Experience
Shooting with cameras
No experience
Strong experience
Leading others
No experience
Strong experience
Working with teams
No experience
Strong experience
Video editing / Post production
No experience
Strong experience
Storytelling / Script Writing
No experience
Strong experience
Sound Design / Music Composition
No experience
Strong experience
Be honest...
How experienced at these programs are you?
Not at all
I'm ok
I got this
I'm an expert
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Team roles
What roles (regardless of experience) are you interested in filling on a team?
Team Producer
Producers will be responsible to the team's equipment, and take ownership of the check out and check in process. In addition, the producer will ensure and maintain the equipment's condition for the duration of the team's use.
Are you willing to be your team's producer?
Anything else you want us to know?
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