Application for 1-year learning program in Suderbyn Ecovillage
Since 9 years Suderbyn Ecovillage hosts year-long learning programs Green Skills for youth funded by Erasmus+ (EVS). Young people from all over Europe and neighbouring countries come to our place to experience the community life, develop practical skills and soft competencies and get involved in pro-change projects.

For you between 18-30 years old, who believe that a better world is possible and needs your action.
For you ready to travel, explore, learn, meet new people, discover your new story, grow together.
For you who wants to put your hands and skills into the craziest combination of international projects, construction and natural building, organic gardening and permaculture, management and administration, local renewable energy systems, communication and research, community-building and personal development.
We are open for you now. Deadline for the application is 15 Aug 2018.

You can choose to start in April 2019 or October 2019.
All traveling, food and accommodation costs are covered by the Erasmus+ EU program.

Filing in this form may take you on a life-changing journey lasting for one year. However what you would learn on this journey may stretch throughout your life. By living together and building piece by piece a small but holistic model of an alternative world we get to experience the whole complexity of the world as well as its beauty.

We invite you to join us, dedicate your time and energy in what we try to create, and in exchange to obtain practical skills in many areas, personal and social competencies and meaningful experiences and connections. As well as a lot of what we cannot predict.

For more information see the previous year program:
More information about Suderbyn Ecovillage: and

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