NLCC Carinthia Returning Cadets Registration
Help us plan our return this year!

Please understand, we aim to have a hybrid training year and all inside in person activities will require masks and outside activities may include inclement weather that all cadets need to be dressed appropriately. Our aim is to have online classes and then follow-up with cohorts outside/inside. NLCC Carinthia will be providing non-medical reusable masks that we are hoping to personalize with our Corps Crest! If you or your cadet has grave concerns about training this year in person, please email the CO directly. Thank you.
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Measurements for uniforms: Head Circumference in inches (wrap a measuring tape mid forehead snugly around)
Measurements for uniforms: Neck (wrap measuring tape and end in a V at base of neck...not snug)
Measurements for uniforms: Waist in inches (wrap measuring tape around waist)
Measurements for uniforms: Feet size in millimeters (two measurements to enter) 1. Measure on the side of the big toe from the end of the toe to the end of the heel 2. Measure side to side under the base of the foot.
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