HEARTS' Master Class: Jonathan Goldstein
AUDITION AND SCENE STUDY TECHNIQUE: 2/11/19, 7:00-9:00pm, Landmark on Main Street
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Would you like to be a participant (A limited number of attendees will participate in the master class by working with Mr. Goldstein one-on-one or in pairs. He will ask for volunteers and invite a select few onstage, either to try “cold reading” (a common type of audition in which actors receive their scenes shortly before presenting them) or to work on a prepared monologue of their own choosing) or observer (Actors and non-actors alike are welcome to observe without participating—hearing about Mr. Goldstein’s methods, watching him work with participants, and being engaged in discussion (including participating in the class’s general Q&A about auditioning and the actor’s life.)?
For those who would like to participate: Do you have a prepared monologue, or would you like to try cold reading?
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