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Hello! We use the information provided here to match you with other individual riders or groups with the purpose of cocycling. We'll never pass your details to these individuals or groups without first obtaining your express consent. Nor will we share them with any third parties. You can be removed from our database at any time by contacting Riders are responsible for their own safety.
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1. Do you need help cycling or are you an existing cyclist prepared to help other people find their wheels?
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2. Do you need help with a specific route or do you need more general cycle instruction before you attempt to travel by bike?
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3. Please give details of the route you need help with below - start / end points, times / days you need to travel. Skip to question 7 thereafter.
4. Please give your postcode and details of your general availability for cycle tuition sessions. Skip to question 7 thereafter.
5. If you have a regular commute by bike that you would be willing to demonstrate to a less experienced cyclist, please give details of start / end points and times / days of normal travel.
6. Are you willing to be contacted about other requests for help from people who are starting out cycling in your area? If Yes, please give your postcode
7. Please provide your name and best contact details. Many thanks!
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