EPIP Employment Questionnaire
EPIP has designed this hiring process in order to limit the impact of structural discrimination within our society. As such, we focus on relevant work skills, experience and approach first, while filtering out information that can allow for implicit bias.

For the following questions, we ask that you remove anything related to the names of the organizations you worked for, your position titles, academic institution names, or anything that can create bias in our review of your application. We are hoping this affords you the opportunity to reflect on the full scope of experiences, both professional and personal, that you could contribute to the organization.
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What do you bring that will help you authentically contribute to the realization of our mission to: empower emerging leaders and elevate philanthropic practice in order to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world? *
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What do you think you can gain from your time at EPIP on your own personal and professional journey? *
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What is the crux of your personal commitment to social justice and how do you see this position aligning with that? *
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When was the last time you asked for someone to change a behavior or support a cause? What worked in this ask and what did not? *
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