The Wise Women's Council — Startup Pregnant Mastermind

Thank you so much for applying to this 9 month mastermind program! It's designed for women entrepreneurs to learn, discover, recharge, and deepen our connections with each other. Applications are open February 1, 2019. We begin March 4, 2019. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Don't delay — if you're interested, apply as soon as possible.
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The Community Lead program is a small group of dedicated members who commit to helping build the community through weekly posts and helping out other members. If you select "yes," we'll be in touch with more information if you are a good fit!
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The only coaching available through the program is through the monthly group coaching. If you'd like additional 1:1 time with Sarah, please indicate so below so we can send you more information. 1:1 coaching with Sarah will be an additional fee.
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