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Renting a Bayside Point property offered in the NRAS scheme is a great opportunity to save nearly $6000 in rent every year, but you will need to spend a few hours every year providing the paperwork required to prove your eligibility. Before applying, please answer these quick questions to confirm you are ready and able to apply.

Please note this list of eligibility requirements is not comprehensive, but covers 99% of the applications received and is a good starting point for determining eligibility.

Please read all questions very carefully - it will help you understand what is required to submit a complete application.
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Who is the best person to contact to arrange an inspection of the property?
Contact Name: *
Contact Mobile: *
Do you have any outstanding rent or tenancy expenses from your current or previous rental properties? *
Are all residents able to provide professional property management agencies as rental referees? *
Have you obtained or applied online for your NRAS tenant number? *
Income Assessment - access to payslips & ATO Portal via MyGov *
Income eligibility is calculated for all jobs worked by all adult tenants for the previous twelve months, not just your current employment.Are all adults able to access the last three payslips for every job they worked in the last 12-month period, and access their ATO Portal from their MyGov account to download their last financial year summaries for all jobs worked?
Income Assessment - access to Bank Statements *
Income and liquid asset eligibility is verified by auditing the current balance of all bank accounts at all institutions, and reviewing 12-months of all bank statements to match account deposits against known employment income.Are all adults able to access their internet banking, and download 12-months worth of monthly/quarterly statements, and provide a separate transaction listing for the period of their last statement up until their date of application?
Income Assessment - access to Centrelink Online via MyGov *
Income eligibility is tested on Centrelink income. Are all adults who received Centrelink payments within the last 12-months able to access their Centrelink Portal from their MyGov account to download their Income Statement plus 12-months of itemised transaction listings?
Income Assessment - access to Child Support Online via MyGov *
Income eligibility is tested on Child Support income.Are all adults who received Child Support able to access their Child Support Portal from their MyGov account to download their Assessment Letters for every reassessment covering the last 12-month period?
Income Assessment - parental/spousal/family/other support *
Income eligibility is tested on parental/spousal/family/other cash payments. Are all adults who received cash from other personals able to provide a summarised table of dates and amounts received, match the payments to bank account transactions, and obtain a Statutory Declaration witnessed by a JP evidencing the total amount received? Please note the Stat Dec should only be supplied once the total amount has been verified by a property manager.
Income Assessment - self-employment *
Are all adults who are self-employed able to supply business Profit & Loss statements and supporting summary coversheet produced by a registered accountant?
Asset Assessment - Property/Land Ownership *
Are all adults not owners of residential, commercial or industrial property, land or mobile live-aboard dwellings permanenty connected to utilities? eg caravan, boat, mobile home etc
Liquid Asset Assessment *
Is the total household combined liquid assets less than $116,375 for a single person or $148,625 for a household with two or more members? (eg bank accounts, cash, term deposits, shares, bonds)
Residency Assessment - citizenship or permanent residency *
Permanent residency eligibility requires NRAS tenants to be either Australian Citizens or have a VISA with permanent residency. Unfortunately New Zealand 444 Visas are Temporary and are not elligible unless you were living in Australia prior to Feb 2001 and already have a "Certificate of Status" from the Department of Immigration.Can you proove Australian Citizenship with a passport or birth certificate, or proove your Permanent Residency status with a VISA and passport?
Residency Assessment - Queensland current address *
Residency eligibility requires NRAS tenants to have a current Queensland address at time of application.Are you able to provide evidence of your current Queensland address?
Household Composition - all residents named on the application *
Residents permitted to occupy the property is limited to those listed on the application form. Due to income assessment requirements, additional residents are not permitted for the property unless the whole household undergoes a new assessment.Are you able to confirm no additional residents are required to reside at the property at time of application, and that no further residents will occupy the property unless a whole household reassessment is submitted and approved?
Please advise the number of Residents for the property
Number of Adults (18+) *
Number of Children (Under 18) *
Please advise your total household income for each of the below categories for the past 12-months
Employment Income (Fortnightly) *
Enter your total household income Employment, leave $0 if not applicable
Centrelink Income (Fortnightly) *
Enter your total household income from Centrelink, leave $0 if not applicable
Child Support Income (Fortnightly) *
Enter your total household income from child support, leave $0 if not applicable
Super Withdrawals *
Enter your total household Super Withdrawals for the past 12-months, leave $0 if not applicable. In each NRAS year (1st May - 30th April), the first $10,000 COVID-19 early release super withdrawal is exempted (NOT INCOME). Any amount above $10,000 is classed as income for your NRAS assessment. Super withdrawal evidence is required.
Other Income *
Enter your total household income not listed above, leave $0 if not applicable
Other Income Comments/Description
If you have noted any Other Income above, please describe your income source/s. Please leave blank if not applicable.
If you have any questions you would like answered when we return your call please record them here.
Visit our website to download the NRAS Application Form
You may wish to download our NRAS application form from our website in case you wish to review and ask questions when you come to inspect the property.
Thanks for completing our NRAS Enquiry Registration!
We look forward to being in touch shortly to confirm your details are arrange your appointment to inspect the property.
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