GoMint Creator Application
Please complete the following to mint your token on Hedera mainnet!
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Step 1: login to GoMint
Visit https://gomint.me/login and login with your Hedera account
Step 2: complete your profile information
click on the your user id top left, and update your profile (all fields)
Step 3: mint your token on Hedera testnet
Visit https://gomint.me/create/ and mint your token on the testnet. This will remain private and not viewable to the public unless you share the link. Please paste a link to your token here. The link should look something like this https://gomint.me/query/?network=mainnet&tokenId=0.0.228017
Price in Hbars
Enter the token price. You can leave this blank and decide later, this info is not part of Hedera, and can be updated.
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GoMint currently takes a 10% commission. Do you agree to this?
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List publicly on GoMint gallery?
By default tokens are released on an unlisted basis, ie not viewable in the gallery unless you share a link to your page. GoMint reserves the right to deny public listing of any tokens
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If Listed...
Why do you think you would be a good addition to the GoMint Gallery/marketplace?
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