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Hi! This is an application form for an online comics mentorship with Gale Galligan.

Applications are currently: CLOSED. If you applied for this round on or before June 1st, please keep an eye out for a response by about June 15th! (My email might hit your spam filter, so please take a look before checking in with me - thanks!)

About me: cartoonist who specializes in middle grade graphic novels, whimsy, autobio. Loves craft, layouts, problem-solving.

About you: also a cartoonist, who has the basics down (can make a legible page and scan/edit it). You should feel as though you’re at some level of “breaking in” - I want to help you on your path. Must be able to discuss critiques without defensiveness.

The mentorship: about six months long, June-December, conducted via email and Google Hangouts. This time frame is longer than the previous spring mentorship, because I want to make sure you’re able to schedule comfortably around holidays and other work.

You’ll make six to eight pages of a comic (for yourself, owned by you) during that time, from start to finish, with check-in deadlines that we’ll set after discussing your working process and other commitments. They can be pages for a pitch, a self-contained minicomic, or a piece of a larger story, as long as you’re able to give me the context I need to best understand your work and goals. We’ll talk about your pages at each step of production, and I’ll do my best to critique, advise, and address your concerns along the way.

In addition, I will encourage you to come to me with questions about any aspect of comics or business that might be on your mind, and will be happy to provide feedback on outside work as well. I want to be a resource for you!

NOTE 1: I am more likely to select people who I feel that I am able to help, given my area of expertise. This means that if you’re a cartoonist with excellent draftsmanship who really wants to draw gory horror comics, the question I’ll want you to answer is, “how do you think I specifically could help you on your path?”

NOTE 2: I will not be able to directly get you any kind of job through this mentorship, although my hope is that I’ll help you hone the skills you need to move towards your goals.

NOTE 3: I will not be taking on any applicants who are seeking mentorship because it is required by their school. This is a personal mentorship only.

Please fill out the form below, and answer honestly. You should receive a response from me by June 15th. Thank you for your patience!

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If you are not selected for this round, would you be interested in a portfolio review? (My feedback will be most helpful for portfolios focused on comics work, but I’m also happy to provide thoughts on other disciplines, with the caveat that I am not an expert and could be horribly wrong.)
Any questions, or anything else you would like me to take note of?
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