Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Ban Appeal
This is the ban appeal form for the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Discord server. When making an appeal, all parts of the form are considered. You will not be considered for being unbanned without filling out this form. Please do not make inquiries to moderators about reasons for a ban, nor about the status of an appeal.
Discord Username *
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Discriminator *
The 4-digit number following your name (jagrosh#4824 would enter "4824")
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Why were you banned? *
Every ban is for a reason. If you truly do not know why you were banned, take your best guess.
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Why should you be unbanned? *
This is your chance to make your case for why you should have your ban be revoked. Be thorough.
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Confirmation Code *
You may put any word or phrase you wish in this section. You may be contacted on Discord about your appeal. If you are, you will be asked to repeat whatever confirmation code you used here as verification that you are the one filling out this form.
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