Non-Profit Web Development
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. I am currently seeking responses from non-profit organizations to inform the development of my own web development business. As a non-profit professional with a decade of experience, I am switching to the tech sector, but would like to continue to work directly with non-profits. Please answer openly and honestly as this survey is completley anonymous.
What is your primary cause area? *
How many employees does your non-profit have? *
What is your non-profit's annual technology budget? *
When was the last time your non-profit's website had a major update? (examples of a major update include changing a theme, revising design of core pages, or complete overhaul) *
What are your non-profit's current technology pain points? *
What are the top THREE uses of your website? *
If you currently have a website, how did you create it?
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What is the title of the person who makes technology/website decisions? *
What features are essential for your website? *
How much could your non-profit spend on a new website? *
How would you like a new website or changes to your existing website to benefit your non-profit? Please feel free to share specifics or generalities such as convert more donors or reach more people in the community. *
In addition to website design/development, what additional services could you see your non-profit purchasing? *
Please share any additional information you think would be useful to someone starting a web development business specifically for non-profits.
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