Bus Travel Documentation
Thank you for riding the PMPA bus!
No travel may be completed on the PMPA Bus until this form has been completed in full. Thank you.
Dancer/Traveller name *
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Dancer/Traveller DOB *
Dancer/Traveller Phone (if applicable) *
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Alternative point of contact and contact details on travel days *
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What school does your dancer/traveller attend? *
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What is the pickup point the bus driver should look out for at your school? *
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What time does the final bell ring at your school? *
What days do you predict you will need to travel on the bus? *
Tell us what time they start on what days and which classes they are enrolled in. Eg. Tuesday Kindy Combo at 3.45pm and Wednesday Level 1 Acro at 5pm. *
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Please outline any medical/behavioural conditions that the bus driver needs to be aware of including any medications that may be taken on bus eg. Asthma puffer. *
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I understand that the bus cannot guarantee that it will be at the stadium before 4pm. *
I understand that I must inform the bus driver no later than 12midday by posting on the Facebook page if I require a pick up for my child *
I understand that I must inform my traveller that he/she needs to sign on and off the bus every day *
I understand that each trip on the bus is $12 in Port Macquarie and $15 for Lake Cathie or Wauchope. Payment will be made at the end of each term, Lazette will email the final amount and this must be paid by the start of the following term. *
Please understand that travelling on the bus is at travellers and parents own risk. By ticking the box below as the Authorised Nominee, you are giving permission for your child to attend bus travel arranged through PMPA. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please so not tick the box below. Please note that a risk assessment has been completed for this excursion and is available for viewing at the studio. Please tick here to acknowledge that you understand this... *
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