SA Aboriginal Housing Strategy
The South Australian Government established the SA Housing Authority (the Authority) to integrate housing-related functions, including housing strategy, service delivery and asset management.The organisation was created to have a greater focus on performance, transparency and accountability with a system focus, sustainable business model and a culture of excellence. Importantly, the Authority’s system focus includes working in partnership with customers and the housing sector to decide, design and deliver whole-of-system reform across the full housing spectrum.

In May 2019, an Aboriginal Advisory Committee (the Committee) was established to advise the South Australian Housing Trust Board (the Board) on improving housing outcomes for Aboriginal people across the state by helping shape the Authority’s Housing and Homelessness strategy, and advising the Board on the development of an Aboriginal Housing Strategy. The Authority has since published their Housing and Homelessness strategy titled “Our Housing Future 2020-2030” which details their long-term vision and plan to reform the state’s housing system to better respond to current and future housing needs.

Throughout the development of Our Housing Future 2020-2030, engagement activities were guided by the Primer: Aboriginal Housing document. As per advice from the Authority, feedback to the Primer document and advice from the Committee identified key themes to ensure that, at all levels, the housing and homelessness system is delivering for Aboriginal people. These themes require further development and as such, PIC are engaging with the Aboriginal community of South Australia, and other key stakeholders, to assist in highlighting what’s required to meet the identified service strategies within each theme:

• Culturally responsive services
• Transitional Housing
• Partnerships
• Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

We recognise that the current COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on how engagement can occur. We are mindful of this fast-moving and disruptive environment and have turned our minds to how digital tools and resources can be utilised to ensure delivery of this project, in an effective and timely manner.

Thank you for the taking the time to provide your thoughts, perspectives and experiences through this online questionnaire.

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What region / community do you live in? *
What is your current housing situation? *
Can you tell us a bit about your home situation? (eg. do you live alone, with your kids, with other family and is your house / unit suitable for your situation) *
Which housing services have you accessed in the past?
If you selected transitional accommodation above, please advise the purpose of your accommodation services?
If you have required / used the services of Housing SA or Community Housing providers, overall, how have you found your interactions with them? Have they met your needs?
Are there Housing services you would like to access but have been unable to? (eg not available in your community or no vacancies) - If YES, please describe below
What are THE MOST IMPORTANT things your service provider or the government could do to help you out with your housing needs?
Are you aware of any ways in which Aboriginal community members can influence the services provided by Housing SA and Community Housing providers?
What housing decisions do you think communities should be involved in making? How do you think this would work best?
If you do not own a home can you highlight the key barriers preventing you from doing so?
If you are a private renter can you highlight the key pain points you face?
Are there any other comments you would like to make regarding the development of an Aboriginal Housing Strategy?
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