How you can help LMC! LMC家教會義工服務問卷
Hello LMC Families! 親愛的LMC各學生家長!

The main mission of the LMC PTA is to lend needed support to Principal Kelly McGuire, the teachers, and staff for the benefit and educational growth of our children.
LMC 家教會的主要宗旨是為校長Mr. McGuire,教職員及學生提供各項援助。

This is accomplished at the deepest level in two ways: 提供援助的渠道主要包括:

* Raising money 籌款
* Volunteering our time 義工服務

Please get involved in any way you can! Making the school a better place for our children is a group effort and we welcome everyone to join in! 請家長能踴躍參加LMC家教會的任何籌款及義工服務機會。為學生,教師及家長創作一個更和諧學習環境。

Many people have asked how they can help. Please take a moment to fill out this survey so we know in what ways we can ask for your help. 家長可以通過填寫以下資料,告知我們你能如何為學校提供援助。

Your Name 家長姓名
Your answer
Your E-Mail 電子郵箱
Your answer
Phone Number 電話號碼
Your answer
Your LMC Child's Name 學生的名字
Your answer
Occupation (we might need to ask you for specific help!) 個人職業
Your answer
Special Skills (please check all that apply) 特別技能
Access to Free Services 提供免費額外輔助服務
Do you have flexibility during the day? Can we call on you for random little things (making copies, stuffing letters, etc)? 你是否於白天期間有空餘時間?我們能否在有需要幫忙時直接與你聯繫?(複印,準備信件,等等)
Would you love to help but can only do so from home? 我願意幫忙,但是我只可以在家裡完成。
Would you like to help in the school... 你願意在學校哪個地方提供幫助?
Do you have a great connection that you would like to share? 你是否認識任何可以為學校提供免費物品,飲品及食物的供應商?
For Example - "I can get free water for school events!" or "I can get great discounts on abc and xyz."
Your answer
Do you have expertise you can share with our students? 你在哪個科目及領域擁有能與學生分享的知識?
If so, in what area? 如有,請在以下方格畫勾。
Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! We appreciate it!
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