Assalamu Alaikkum,
SLMCC's Education Committee is pleased to announce the 7th Annual Sri Lankan Educational Excellence Award Ceremony due to be held on Saturday the 11th January 2020 at Allum Hall & Manor House, 2 Allum Lane, Elstree, Borehamwood, WD6 3PJ. The awards are aimed at celebrating the exceptional academic achievements of Sri Lankan Muslims in the UK, in the year 2019. Nominations are invited in the following areas:

1. 11+ exam with admission to any Grammar or independent School in the past 12 months (The applicant should be in year 7 in 2019)
2. GCSE (high achievers) in 2019
3. A-Levels (high achievers) or Entry to top universities in 2019
4. Graduate (1st class from any of the UK universities or 2nd upper from any of the top 10 universities in the UK) or Postgraduate/ Masters/ Doctoral/ Postdoctoral levels in the past 12 months
5. Any other outstanding achievements in the fields of education, literature, arts or sciences
(at nations or regional levels).

Please complete the below form to nominate yourself or someone you may know.
Nominations Closing Date : 6PM Friday, 20th December 2019.
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Photography and Video Policy (GDPR)
Please note that filming/photography will be taking place during the award ceremony for promotional and archival purposes. A few selections of photographs and recordings made are likely to appear on our website, Facebook, Magazine, etc.

If you would prefer not to be photographed please let the photographer know.

For further information, please contact the event organizers or SLMCC management. (
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