The Impact of Motorsports in PA - Race Team Survey
All questions are optional, including your contact information. However, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible. Thank you for your participation in this very important step towards a stronger racing community!
Team Name:
County (where your team is based)
Primary Contact Person
Phone Number
What type of car do you race?
If other or multiple please specify
What type of engine do you run?
If other or multiple please specify
How many race cars do you own?
Do you race in a touring series, primarily at a local track, or both
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Estimated value of your race car (value if you had to replace your current car):
Total number of full-time employees on your race team
Total number of part-time employees on your race team
Total number of volunteers on your race team
Average annual payroll for your race team: (how much did you pay actual employees, contractors, etc.)
How much was your total spend on racing in 2019 (not including payroll or payment to people on your team, but include all other expenses, travel, parts, entry fees, rent, equipment, etc.)
Do you currently rent or own a shop that is used to store and work on your team?
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Monthly rent or mortgage amount? If mortgage what is the replacement value of your property
Estimated replacement value of equipment: (not including value of race cars, but do include all other equipment including trailers, tow vehicles, shop tools and equipment, race event equipment, spare engines, anything but the race car itself .)
On average how many people travel to racing events with you?
Describe your typical towing setup
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On average how many hotel rooms will you purchase in a racing season?
Does your team primarily camp or stay in hotels?
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How many days do you spend on average at a racing event?
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