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School Facility and Equipment Application GUIDELINES FOR USE OF FACILITIES

The West Branch Area School Board retains the right to control the management of the premises and to enforce all necessary and proper laws, rules and regulations for the operation and management of same. Persons using any school facility shall:

1. Assume full responsibility for damage to or loss of school property resulting from use of facilities.
A) Careful attention must be given to locking doors and turning out lights.DO NOT BLOCK DOORS OPEN.
B) Remember you are responsible for the conduct of the group using the facility.
C) All equipment that is used should be returned to its proper storage.
D) No student should be left in the building without adult supervision.

2. Use or enter, or allow to be used or entered, ONLY those parts of the building specified in the request.

3. Not injure or deface said premises. Any damage whatsoever occurring during the tenancy shall be repaired by the Board and paid for by the persons using the premises.

4. Comply with federal, state and local laws and rules of police and fire departments regarding public assemblies.

5. Not permit smoking, intoxicants, drugs, tobacco or alcohol within the buildings or on school property.

6. Make arrangements with the school district for stagehands, policemen, etc. as required during use of the premises and as approved by the Board.

7. Relieve the Board of all responsibility for any loss or damage to person or property sustained by reason of the occupancy of the premises.

8. Assume full responsibility for any injury or liability from the use of facilities. Provide at his or her expense, public liability insurance of not less than $500,000/$1,000,000.

The organization will protect, defend, save and keep the school district forever harmless and indemnified against and from any penalty, fine,cost, claims or damages or charges imposed for any violation of any law or ordinance, whatever occasioned by the negligence of the organization or any individuals attending the event.

The organization will, at all times, protect, defend, indemnify, save and keep harmless the school district and its agents and employees against and from all claims, loss, costs, damage or expense from any accident or other occurrence arising out of the use of school district premises, causing injury to any person or property whomsoever and whatsoever and without regard to the cause of claimed cause of such injury.

The organization will protect, defend, indemnify and save harmless the school district, its agents and employees against and from any and all loss, cost, damage or expense arising out of any failure of the organization in any respect to comply with and perform all of the requirements and provisions of this rental agreement.

The organizations shall provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the school district an ADDITIONAL INSURED to the school district Business Office. The Certificate of Insurance is be provided with the Facility and Use Application.
All Requests Must be Submitted 15 Days Prior to Use/Activity:* PLEASE CHECK CLASS Class A: N/A Class B: $1,000,000 Class C: $1,000,000 Class D: $1,000,000 *
Any civic or community group or organization offering to present a program, instructive and beneficial to the participants that involves fund raising and/or an admission fee. *
Name of Organization *
Person responsible for arrangements: *
Email Address *
What date are you requesting the building: *
Start Time *
End Time *
What area of the building are you requesting? *
What type of activity will take place? (Dance, Mtg, Banquet, etc)(*) You must list the designated representative of your group that will be present at the activity and responsible for the supervision. *
Set up by technology, custodial, and or cafeteria staff(if needed) *
List Material(s) and/or Equipment Required
Signature- Organization representative: By my signature I represent that I am authorized by the organization to enter into this agreement and that I have read and understand the “Use of School Facilities and Equipment Policy and Guidelines” as set forth in Policy No. 707 and agree to all terms and conditions of these regulations. *
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