JVTF @ WHS 2023/2024 Farm Internship Application
By filling out the application below, you are putting yourself in the running to work at Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF) at Woodlawn High School. This farm was created to expose birmingham city School students to the World of food.  Starting with soil preparation and ending with community food distribution, we strive to create a well-rounded work experience for students at JVTF.
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Farm Internship Job Description & Expectations
This internship provides the unique opportunity of working alongside peers on a small farm at Woodlawn High School. Candidates must be on time each day, willing to learn, open to acquiring new skills and interested in learning about all the processes of farming. As a farm internship, you and your team will be responsible for preparing soil, seeding, maintenance, harvesting, cleaning, and distributing produce. Our interns start at $15 per hour.  By working with the Career Tech department, our interns have the opportunity to work for 1-2 hours during the school day as well as 1-2 hours after-school each day.  Applicants should have daily reliable transportation.

What we expect of you:
-Commitment. We expect to see you on time, every day after school, and during your co-op block. If you need days off, we expect you to give us ample notice.
-Communication skills. You should be able to respond to work-related texts and emails quickly and clearly.  We value your opinion in this work and expect you to share it during team meetings.
-Enthusiasm. We want to see you excited to be at work and curious about learning new skills.  
-Teamwork. We are looking for folks who are willing to work and collaborate with a variety of people and personality types.
-Community engagement. We want applicants who are willing to interact with the school community, the greater Woodlawn community and the Jones Valley Teaching Farm community.
-Willingness to learn in a new environment. Starting a physically demanding job is not always comfortable or easy. We hope you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in new, challenging situations. We are here to support you through this!

-You will be offered multiple learning opportunity such as Financial Literacy , Goal Setting etc.... 
-You learn how to farm: seeding, crop planning, forming beds, irrigation, harvesting, plant hygiene, pruning, weeding etc.
-You will improve your customer service skills through community produce distribution and Jones Valley Teaching Farm events.
-You will have access to the produce we harvest on the farm.
-You will have the opportunity to take on leadership positions in many areas of the job.
-You will work with fantastic people and be outside every day.

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