Erasmus+ YE - Beyond the label #refugee

Шукаємо учасників на Erasmus+ молодіжний обмін в Литві.

Проект: Beyond the label #refugee

Де: Литва, Анталепте

Коли: 11-18.07.2017

Тобі можна подавати заявку, якщо ти:
- віком 20-29 років
- маєш статус внутрішньопереміщеної особи або не байдужий до данної теми
- пропагандуєш спорт та здоровий спосіб життя, адже вживання алкоголю на проекті заборонено організаторами
- цікавився темою міграції та готов оголосити боротьбу зі стереотипами
- можеш працювати на англійській мові
- ти активна, позитивна та відкрита людина =)

Дедлайн подачі: 15.05.2017

Про проект:
“Beyond the label #refugee” is international youth exchange, organized in Antaliepte, Zarasai district (Lithuania) involving 24 youngsters and 4 group leaders from Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Lithuania. The project will focus on reducing prejudice towards refugees among young people.

Europe is facing one of the biggest crises of refugees. Thousands of refugees daily enter Europe in search of better life. But more and more often Western societies accept them in a hostile way, believing that newcomers will take away their work, increase crime, inhibit their culture and this makes their inclusion more difficult.
Survey shows that 61% of Lithuanians don’t support decision to accept and give asylum to refugees. Another survey shows that Lithuania remains a culturally closed country and that negative attitude towards Muslims and refugees drastically increased during 2015. Fear and unwillingness to welcome refugees to Lithuania is caused by complex reasons related to negative stereotypes coming from the period of Soviet Union, and the fact that Lithuanians still know relatively little about refugees and other cultures. So the role of all media channels is crucial. But often people are not properly informed about the issues related to refugees, immigrants and even Muslims. Mainstream media creates image of these people that can be misleading. Critical thinking and media literacy is very important in this case. The prejudices, stereotypes and negative assumptions make our society less inclusive to those, experiencing great difficulties.

Group of young people from Lithuania initiates “Beyond the label #refugee” aiming to reduce prejudice towards refugees among young people from Ukraine, Lithuania, England and Italy by exploring identity and culture, learning and sharing through dialogue, strengthening critical thinking and media literacy.
To reach this goal following objectives will be implemented:
1. To organize 8 days long youth exchange (in Antalieptė village, in Zarasai district) involving young people from England, Italy, Ukraine and Lithuania.
2. To introduce participants to the topics of identity, culture, dialogue and provide them with opportunity to explore it.
3. To create a safe, supportive and participatory space in the project to help participants including those with fewer opportunities to explore identity, culture and get involved into dialogue.
4. To provide participants with possibility to get to know refugee group better by involving in the project young people with refugee background, meeting other refugees living in Lithuania, sharing and discus information about refugees.
5. To enhance participants’ media literacy by learning to understand and analyze the information they get through media channels (mainly internet) by organizing media.lab workshops.
6. To strengthen participants’ critical thinking by exploring assumptions, learning to analyze the information they get and by improving empathy.
7. To reduce prejudice towards refugees among young people using different communication tools: Loesje posters, video interviews, photos and public event in Antalieptė.
8. To create a space for participants to reflect individually and in groups what they have learnt during group reflections and using Open badge system.

The main activities: workshops to explore identity and culture – how it forms, how it is expressed and how it’s connected; workshops about dialogue – main principles, how it can be used; workshops to get to know refugees – sharing personal stories, meeting refugees, analyzing information and discussing. Media.lab workshops will help participants to understand how media works, to analyze information (Loesje workshop, shocking headlines, using video, images and social networks to transmit the message will be used). Public event in Antalieptė community will be organized by participants to reduce the prejudice towards refugees. All the activities will be based on methods of non-formal education. Reflection and evaluation of experience will be part of the process, participants will use Youthpass and Open badges to evaluate learning during the project.

During the project participants will improve, strengthen and/or gain these skills, competencies, knowledge, such as:
- Understanding how identities and culture form, are expressed, change and are connected.
- Understanding how assumptions form, how it affects the way we see others and understand information we get.
- Awareness of other cultures and different perspectives.
- Ability to value different perspectives
- Understanding how dialogue can be used, main principles, ability to learn and share through dialogue.
- Empathy skill
- Skill of critical thinking
- Understanding about refugee group
- Reduced prejudice towards refugees
- Skills of media literacy
Also they will improve:
- Group work competencies
- Planning skills
- Initiative, pro-activity and leadership
- Communication in foreigner language skills

Фінансові умови: за правилами програми Erasmus+ проживання, харчування та всі необхідні матеріали під час проекту забезпечуються організаторами. Кошти за квитки будуть компенсовані після проекту не більше ніж 170 евро на участника, у разі перевищення ліміту компенсації різниця покривається учасниками самостійно.

Участь для активних членів організації є безкоштовною.
Для тих учасників, які не є членами організації - благодійний внесок 35 евро.

Результати відбору: впродовж 2 тижнів після дедлайну всі апліканти отримають результати на свій email.

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