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I understand that yoga classes and practicing yoga may involve inherent risks, including the risk of physical injury. In consideration of JNS Yoga Studio accepting this registration, I release and hold JNS Yoga Studio harmless from any claim, including a claim for damages, that arise out of an injury to me or damage to or loss of property (incurred at any time and place) while I am: practicing yoga, attending or participating in JNS Yoga Studio classes or workshops, or attending other events or meetings to which this registration applies. Any major concerns about my health or any pertinent medical problems have been discussed with my attending physician and that any imposed restrictions regarding the practice of yoga have been discussed with JNS Yoga Studio. This release is made for myself, for the executor or administrator of my estate, my heirs and assigns. This release applies even when injury, loss or damage has occurred because of negligence by JNS Yoga Studio. In this release, the term “JNS Yoga Studio” means JNS Yoga Studio, 101264903 SASKATCHEWAN LTD., and includes any partner, employee, contractor, teacher, visiting teacher or agent of JNS Yoga Studio. I have read this document carefully. I understand that submitting this document may affect my legal rights, including the right to sue. By submitting this waiver, I acknowledge that I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents and voluntarily agree to all of the terms and conditions.
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