Sex Education
Help Drop Knowledge Project and IC Generation Action in researching Sex Education (All responses are anonymous)

* Interested in this topic, and researching other social justice issues? Come to our discussion on Sex Education on February 20th in Friends 102*

Describe how you identify yourself (Race, gender, sexual orientation) *
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What state did you receive health education from? *
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What kind of school did you go to? *
Were you taught abstinence only sex education? *
In K-12, were you ever taught the difference between biological sex and gender? *
Were you taught about the anatomy of both sexes? *
Did you feel your race was accurately represented in your sex education? *
Were you taught about Sexual assault/harassment? *
Did your sex educator use fear tactics surrounding sex? *
What age/age group was your sex educator in? *
Were you taught about consent? *
Is there anything you wish you had been taught about sex?
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Thank you for participating!
We understand that Sex Education is very multifaceted and there is so many other areas that could have been included. If you are interested in continuing this dialogue feel free come to our club meetings Tuesdays at 6pm.

On February 20th we will be having an open discussion on Sex Education in Friends 102 at 6:00!

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