Young Souls Leadership Nomination Form
Please fill this out to nominate yourself (or someone else) for a position on the Young Souls Board!
Find descriptions of the positions on the Young Souls Board online here under "Roles and Responsibilities":
Name of person being nominated:
For what position(s)? (Choose as many as desired)
Is the person being nominated a member of All Souls Church?
If no, can you (or they) attend the "joining All Souls" class on Wednesday April 18th?
Phone Number of Nominee:
Email Address of Nominee:
Address of Nominee:
Name of person completing the form:
If you are nominating someone other than yourself, have you confirmed their interest?
Submit Bio for the Nominee
Please provide a bio between 240-350 characters describing your background and/or interest in service to the Young Souls group. This is not required upon completion of the form, but will be required to move forward with the ballot (so please submit now if you have time!).
Submit head shot of the nominee
This is not required at this time but will be helpful for us to have later when we are putting together the ballot. It is not required for the ballot, but it is recommended so that folks recognize you when they vote!
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