June 2018 Youth Ambassador Japan Trip Registration Information Form
Welcome to the Registration site for the June 2018 Youth Ambassador trip. We organize the group and activities along with the travel agency and groups and individuals in Japan. Our agenda is nearly completed and we are working to minimize the cost while maintaining a safe and quality experience. We have been organizing these trips in the interest of building friendships between US and Japanese families since 2011.

You may find the travels costs for payment to the travel agency very soon. Please contact her as shown below.

The Youth Ambassadors (you) are asked to pay a registration fee of $100.00.
We use this for advertising, purchasing of posters and other advertising and purchasing some things for the trip, including "omiyage" (small gifts for some of the companies and persons in Japan that will arrange activities for us) and homestay related transactions.

Please mail a $100.00 check made out to " SVYA" (or "Silicon Valley Youth Ambassadors").

Send the check to: Secretary, SVYA, 2618 Forbes Ave, Santa Clara, CA95051

Note: The information in this form will be shared with the Travel Agency (Kintetsu International) The Agent assisting us is Ms. Naomi Takehara. She will be notified of your interest and send information about the trip. Your family will pay the actual travel and hotel fees directly to the agency. We have been working with her for several years and with the company since 1997.

Ms. Naomi Takehara, Kintetsu International Travel, 2290 North First St, Suite 333 (408) 544-2440

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