All About You Survey
Gather around. We are sitting next to a campfire. S’mores are being roasted in the fire. The hot chocolate just arrived. It’s time for you to tell me about yourself. The evening is just about to get magical. I would like to learn a little about yourself. What interests you. What makes you tick. It shouldn’t take more that 10 minutes. Skip any question you don’t feel like answering. Answer just one question, or answer them all, it’s all good. Please speak! I am listening.
Where do you live?
How did you discover Elen Ghulam's work?
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What is your favorite book in the whole wide world?
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How do you read your books?
Are you in kindle unlimited?
Mixed media: what's a piece of content that you're loving right now? (podcast, youTube channel, Netflix show, Blog, videogame, graphic novel)
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Let's be frank: What do you dislike, or would like to see improved or changed by Elen Ghulam?
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What do you like or appreciate about what Elen Ghulam does?
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Share a link where I can learn more about you (website, blog, twitter, youTube)
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Can I share the link you provided above on my website and/or newsletter?
What question do you wish I'd asked? (for future surveys)
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Which of my books have you read?
Any other comments?
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Besides reading, what is your favorite pastime?
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