Library Programs & Collections: 6 Questions
Six quick, specific questions and an open invitation for your input. Thank you so much! -The Cutler Memorial Library
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Feedback: anything in particular you'd like us to know?
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Suggestions for improvement: how could we do better? (For example: Are there areas of service you think we should discontinue? Are there subjects you feel are under-represented in the collection?)
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Do you have a skill you'd like to teach in the community? If so, please enter your email address here and someone will follow up with you, and thank you!
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What subjects would you enjoy coming to a library program or borrowing library materials to learn more about? (choose as many as you wish)
There are many kinds of "literacy" these days, the list below includes just some of them. Please either rank these based on what is interesting and important to you and/or your family (with "1" being the most important/interesting and "9" being the least important/interesting), or mark each either "important to me" or "not important to me". This will help us prioritize programs & materials relevant to YOU. (For definitions, the librarian recommends WIKIPEDIA or just a Google search... )
1 "Most interesting/important to me"
9th "Least interesting/important to me"
not sure/unfamiliar
important to me (but not ranked)
not important to me (and not ranked)
Reading & the Humanities ("Traditional" Literacy)
Visual Literacy
Scientific Literacy
Ecological Literacy
Financial Literacy
Digital Literacy
Information Literacy
Creativity / "Un-learning"
Family LIteracy & Early Learning
Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share this information with us, - the Librarian & Trustees at the Cutler Memorial Library
Please feel free to offer input and ask questions any time! We hope to see you soon at the library.
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