Are you surviving - or even possibly thriving - in Minnesota?
Are you a transplant in Minnesota? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your insights, experiences, and opinions about working and living in Minnesota in this survey. You may answer as many questions out of the following that you’d like; it’s your choice. We'll share some of your responses on this website either anonymously or not; again, it's your choice.
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How would you characterize the differences between transplants and Minnesotans?
Where did you grow up?
When did you move to Minnesota?
How old are you?
What is your gender?
What industry do you work in?
What are the three biggest barriers you experience in working or living in Minnesota culture?
How crucial to your business or personal success do you feel adapting to Minnesota culture is (or would be)?
What advice would you give newly arrived transplants to Minnesota?
Optional: Please share a story that typifies the dynamic you’ve experienced with Minnesota Nice.
Optional: Where do you work
Would you be willing to be interviewed about your experiences, insights and advice?
If you responded "yes" or "it depends" above, please give us your email or phone so we can get in touch.
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If we quote you, what would you like the attribution to look like?
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