Upcoming feature film about an 18-year-old female programmer seeks feedback
Attention: female computer programmers.

I'm a professional screenwriter in L.A. and I'm finishing up a screenplay wherein the lead role is an 18-year-old female programmer. This feature film will be shot later this year and released in 2013.

Here's your chance to influence a film featuring someone like you before it gets made!

I want to make sure the lead character is realistic. She's the heroine of the movie, but she has flaws, of course (or she'd be boring). But she's sympathetic and witty, too. (It's a romantic comedy, BTW).

I'd like to ask a few questions of *real* female programmers to help me fashion a character that you all can identify with. I respect what you all do, and I want to bring out the best in your profession. Of course, it's a movie, so there will be dramatic license, but I absolutely hate cliches and I want to avoid it with this character.

If you could take a minute to answer some questions, it would help me make this girl a character you'd be glad to see portraying your profession.

Thank you so much for you help.

What are the misconceptions about female programmers you'd like to correct?
Your answer
What is your goal as a programmer? To be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or write the next Draw Something app?
Your answer
Why did you become a programmer?
Your answer
Were you encouraged as a young girl to be a programmer, or were you discouraged?
Do you feel social media apps, the internet, and gaming have drawn people closer or driven them apart?
Your answer
What is the best thing about your job, and the worst thing?
Your answer
Are guys intimidated by your job and how smart you are, or do they find it attractive?
The character in this movie is straight, but if you have experience with other lifestyles, feel free to respond.
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Do you find it hard to socialize? Does your profession naturally lead to isolation? If so, do you make an effort to socialize?
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Do you think loners make better programmers?
What do you think of the female nerds on TV like in Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI, and Mayim Bialik in Big Bang Theory?
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What is your favorite joke/story/humorous incident concerning your profession or lifestyle?
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If you have any other thoughts about a female computer programmer in a comedy, please let me know.
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