TIPE 3D Printing Call for Speakers
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We're honored that you're interested in learning more about the speaking opportunities for the upcoming TIPE 3D Printing 2022 Conference powered by Women in 3D Printing.

TIPE 3D Printing 2022 Conference
The event will be spread over 3 days and 5 tracks.
Dates: Jan 25 -27, 2022
Venue: Virtual Event

Our mission is to ‘promote, support, and inspire women using AM technologies,’. Women in 3D Printing seeks to foster a more diverse industry by inviting you to share your knowledge and expertise with the community.

We'd love to invite you to nominate yourself as a speaker, moderator or panelist and share:
• Technical research and case studies
• Industry applications
• Economic trends
• Talent management and workforce development programs
• Your 3D printing journey

Learn about the tracks (see below for track description):
• Technology Track
• Industry Track
• People Track
• Economics Track
• Youth Track (< 25 years of age)
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Learn about the TIPE 3D Printing Tracks

✅ The Technology track is the how behind the industry: It’s the hardware, software, materials, and research driving the next generation of additive manufacturing capabilities.

✅ The Industry track dives into the what of additive manufacturing: It’s the use cases. What applications drive additive manufacturing adoption and where is 3D printing being used today.

✅ The People track highlights the who behind the progress. It’s celebrating the leaders and emerging figures within the 3D printing industry as well as exploring diversity, international business relations, training, recruiting, and other workforce-focused issues.

✅ The Economics track underscores the why behind the rise of additive manufacturing. It’s highlighting the business cases for adopting 3D printing: return on investment, time and cost savings, sustainability, and improving the global economy.

✅ The Youth track is about the rising talents of 3D printing with speakers from middle school through university. Integrated throughout each of the four primary tracks, it’s about sharing their stories in education and innovation, and inspiring and highlighting the next leaders of the industry
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