Adopting / Fostering for Countryside
This is STEP ONE and MUST be completed in order to move forward with fostering or adopting any pet from Countryside Rescue.
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Thank you for your interest in Countryside Rescue and our animals.
All person(s) interested in fostering or adopting one of our animals must full out this form to begin the process. Due to COVID-19, social distancing protocols and staff and volunteer shortages, we are streamlining he process of people interested in our dogs to better serve you and our animals.

Each application will be reviewed as quickly as possible. After reviewing applications a Meet & Greet will be scheduled, and we will contact the applicant we believe is the best fit.

We will post as much information as we know about each pet in our care. We ask that you read and carefully consider the needs of each animal before sending over this form.

Wet Licks & Tail Wags,
Amanda, Kim and Nancy
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If you don't have a specific animal in mind, What are you looking for? Please be as specific as possible. Breed, Size, Weight, Activity Level. Are there any breeds or sizes that you are not interested in, etc. *
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Who will take care of the dog when you are on vacation? *
If you have to relocate, what will you do with your dog? *
Dogs require exercise. Who will provide exercise for your dog and what kind of exercise? *
In what family activities will your dog be included?
Pets require MONTHLY flea and heartworm protection. Do you currently have a vet? Are willing to take your pet in for continuation / starting of these medications? *
Who is your current vet?
What type of identification will your pet wear?
Have you ever attended a dog or puppy obedience training or behavioral class? *
Will you be willing to participate in training classes for your pet? We require all pets to attend training classes with no exceptions *
Who will be responsible for training / reinforcing training for your pet? *
What techniques and equipment will you use to train your pet? *
Socializing your pet is MANDATORY. How will you plan to socialize your pet? *
Please describe what you would do if your dog develops any of the following behavior problems: Barking, Chewing, Aggression, Inappropriate urination in the house: *
Ongoing Costs / Lifetime Commitment to Pets
The Countryside Rescue staff is very passionate about rescuing pets, getting them spayed / neutered, and providing medical care. We work very hard at finding the perfect home for our dogs and educating people about owner responsibility and the commitment that they have chosen.

To those who adopt our dogs, We strongly recommend training and offer our 6 week group beginner obedience classes with each adoption. We are always available to answer questions of any sort, and provide you with referrals.

There are ongoing costs associated with owning a pet. Are you willing and financially able to provide the following for your pet for it's entire life? ( Note: costs provided below are average costs )

$50 - $200 for training
$25 - $100+ per month for food
$150+ yearly for veterinary care and vaccines
$20+ for annual county licensing fees
$500 - $1,100+ for special vet care needs
Are you willing and financially able to provide the above for your pet for it's entire life? ( Note: costs provided above are average costs ) *
Thank you for your interest in Countryside Rescue and our pets.
We are a small but MIGHTY team and doing the best that we can to keep up with the volume of inquiries for our pets. Please allow up to 7 days for us to respond. We review and process applications daily and will do our best to inform you as quickly as possible, if you are a match for one of our pets and schedule a date and time for an in person meeting.
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