The Georgia Foundation for Public Education, Innovation Fund Foundation, and AT&T have awarded the Laurens County School District 8 WiFi Hotspots to create internet-enabled school buses. These school buses will be placed throughout our communities to provide internet access for our students and families that may not be able to otherwise have access to the internet.

Although school assignments have ended, we know many of you would still like to see your student(s) gaining valuable learning throughout the summer that will serve them well in school next school year.

In order to best utilize these devices, we need to know the areas of greatest need in our communities. Please take a moment to answer these 7 questions so we can see the greatest number of students and families benefitting from access to this free internet.
To identify the part of the county in which you live, please provide your address: *
How do you access the Internet at home now? *
What type of technology do you have available to you to use? *
Are you able to access and use your device to do schoolwork? *
Overall, how comfortable are you using your device for schoolwork? *
Would you benefit from having a WiFi hotspot available to you within the community in which you live? *
Would you be able to drive, be driven, or walk a short distance to have access to the WiFi hotspot? *
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