The Language Event Auckland - July 18 - 19, 2020 Proposals

We are seeking proposals for papers and presentations celebrating The Languages of New Zealand with a focus on Te Reo Māori as well as presentations on how to study and work with languages and other language-related topics. This event will be held at the University of Auckland on July 18 - 19, 2020.

I. Māori Language and Culture

II. Languages of New Zealand

III. Other Language-related Topics

Topic I: Māori Language and Culture

We welcome presentations on the Māori language, its dialects and cultures throughout the islands of New Zealand. We encourage talks on historic and current topics related to the Māori language and the communities that speak it. This is also an opportunity to discuss ways of learning and promoting the language and culture in New Zealand and beyond to celebrate New Zealand's vibrant and beautiful indigenous heritage.

Topic II. Languages of New Zealand

In this topic, we would like to celebrate the variety of languages present in New Zealand today. You could explore topics ranging from historic to current topics related to New Zealand's linguistic and cultural arrivals from other countries over the last few centuries.

Topic III. Other Language-related Topics
In this topic we would like to hear about language learning techniques and ways to use languages for work, study, travel or other purposes.We are also keen to receive proposals for genuinely interesting language related topics that do not fit the overall themes so easily.


Preliminary deadline: We will accept proposals from now until 31st March 2020, at which point we will make our selection from among the submissions. If slots remain open after that date, we will continue to accept proposals until we have a full programme.


Publication: All presentations may be entirely or partly recorded and the videos could be put on our social media channels. Photographs will also be taken during the time of the event also, which will appear on our social media channels too. If you apply to talk at the event, you agree to the publication and distribution of these images and videos by The Language Event Auckland on their official and affiliated channels.


We request that all presentations are in English. All presentations will have a time slot of 50 minutes each, including questions.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 31st March 2020 20:00pm NZ Time
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