Potential Instructor Form, Spring 2019-- Keefe at Night Course Proposals Firm Deadline: Friday, November 15
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We will make every effort to schedule your class on your preferred dates. However, there are many factors involved in scheduling that may prevent us from doing so.
Evening School Closings - During the Spring 2019 Semester there will be some dates when we will not be able to hold classes due to holidays or Day School events that are held in the evening. Classes will not be held on the following dates: March 14, April 4, April 15 - April 19, and May 27. The Kitchen is not available on Monday evenings. The Auditorium stage will not be available from April 22-May 4, and May 27-May 30.
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If you have any questions, please contact Soraya Winters at 508-416-2170 or by email at swinters@jpkeefehs.org. Thank you.
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