How did you care? How do you care? How will you care?
How did you care? How do you care? How will you care?

What does care look like or feel like to you?
How have you cared within your community, for others and yourself?
How have people been caring towards you?

Developed for Plymouth Art Weekender, How did we care? How do we care? How will we care? is a public artwork developing to understand and platform the caring networks that exist within Plymouth and the importance they have held in the past, during this current moment and will have in the future.

The selection of responses will be published on posters and will be on show around Plymouth in various locations from the windows of Theatre Royal Plymouth, to bus stops and poster holders. The posters will also be proudly on display in cafes, small businesses, bus stops and residential windows.

This work grows from a place of solidarity with the caring work that has been ongoing continuously in Plymouth’s past, present and future, and aims to shed light on communities of care and care behind closed doors.

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to email me:


Commissioned for Plymouth Art Weekender 2020 by Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Theatre Royal Plymouth
Supported at Arts Council England


We will only use the information you share here to communicate with you about this project & it will only be available to the small team of people supporting this project for Plymouth Art Weekender. No data will be kept after the end of the project, and we won't share your email address with anyone else.

We reserve the right to edit responses and nd will not accept offensive language.

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If you would prefer to remain anonymous please leave this area blank. If you would like your first name published with the poster please leave just your first name .If you would like your full name published please leave your full name.
Thank you for your contribution. We cant wait to see the different ways you have cared in and around Plymouth.
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