WF Farmers Market Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Wake Forest Farmers Market!
Before submitting this application, please take a moment to read the Market Bylaws and Market Rules, which are located on our website,
These documents contain detailed information including the fee structure for full-time, guest, and special event vendors.
Fill out this application form completely. Forms not filled out completely, including copies of any required NCDA inspections, will not be considered. Applications for the summer season must be received by March 15 to begin selling on the first Saturday in April.
Submit your non-refundable $25.00 application fee and application by one of the following means:
 In Person: Visit the Wake Forest Farmers Market to speak with the Market Manager to submit your
 Electronically: E-mail your vendor application to
 Paypal: You may pay the application fee electronically via Paypal to
 Mail: Wake Forest Farmers Market P.O. Box 1522
Wake Forest, NC 27588

All applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The Board will conduct on-farm or production site inspections for all new vendors. Returning vendors are subject to inspections at any time at the discretion of the board. Once the Board has reached a decision, the Market Manager will notify you of acceptance or denial into the WFFM. The Board will do its best to review applications and provide a decision as soon as feasibly possible, generally before the end of February.
1. Business Name *
2. NC Sale Tax ID
3.Business Category(check all that apply) *
4. Owner/Operator Name(s) *
5. Business Mailing Address *
6.Production Address (if different from mailing address)
7. Contact Phone Number(s) *
8. Contact Email Address(es) *
9. Business Website and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) *
10. List names, contact numbers, and email of other staff members who will be representing your business and working at your booth. *
11. Market Attendance. Check the type of attendance you are applying for: *
12. Market Attendance. If you checked full time attendance, check the frequency you plan to attend the Market:
Regular Season ONLY
Winter Season ONLY
Once a Month
13. Market Attendance. List known dates of absences: *
14. List all products you plan to sell at the Market. This includes value-added products and prepared foods. Please indicate what percentage of your inventory will be made up of each product category (produce, meat, value-added products, craft/artisan products). Include a photo of value-added or artisan/craft products. NOTE: If you need to add a product to your listing after this application has been submitted, the new item(s) must be submitted to the market manager and approved by the Board. *
15.Describe your business production practices (e.g., USDA Certified Organic, organically/sustainably grown, locally sourced ingredients, etc): *
16. How long has your business been in operation? *
17. Do you sell at other outlets in the Triangle area (e.g., other farmers markets, brick and mortar stores, wholesale accounts, etc)? If yes, list these outlets: *
18. Do you buy and resell products at other markets or locations? *
19.For new vendors: If products similar to yours are already being sold at the Market, what sets your products apart?
20. Include a photo or description of your display or booth. If you have photos posted on your website or social media, include the specific link or instructions on where we can see these photos.
21. Do you have any relevant inspection documentation, if applicable (e.g., NCDA inspections, kitchen inspection, well water testing, etc)? If yes, please indicate here the documents you have and email to:
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