Standing in Our Power (SiOP) 2016 New York City Empowerment Workshop Series Application Form
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If you have not done so yet, please review the 2016 NYC Empowerment Workshop Series call for applications for details about this program, as well as frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact

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Standing in Our Power (SiOP) recognizes that every individual is unique, that the aspects and combinations of diversity are infinite and that individuals are not reducible to demographics. We collect demographic data to ensure that we are achieving our goal of diversity and inclusivity. Please complete this section to the extent that you are comfortable. We truly appreciate all the information you are able to offer.
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Narrative Questions
Please take some time to reflect on the questions and/or prompts below and answer in the first person. We value your openness and assure that what you share will remain confidential among SiOP facilitators. Your answers will help to shape our agenda and allow us to prepare to welcome and support you through this journey.
I am standing in my power when... *
What keeps me from standing in my power is ... *
Please share a bit about your experience as a woman of color social justice leader? *
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