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We want YOU on our team! C R I M I N A L R E C O R D S is a UK based alternative record label about to launch in North America. We've put pen to paper and signed a major distribution deal - which has been the outcome of many years of hard work breaking our roster in the UK. Roster acts include T H E K U T , T H E E X I T S , A R G O N A U T , and more! Over the next few months we will begin to build up releases with our new label partners, the first of which is to be a Charity Christmas single to raise money for the Red Cross, to support those affected by Covid-19.

Apply here to join our USA Street Team, 'T H E H I T S Q U A D', and become a part of an organised network of music enthusiasts ready to take the independent scene by storm. Our goal is to grow the label and make it as big in the US as it is in the UK. Launching in the US is no easy feat for any label of any size, but we have a ton of guts and know we can do this together!

Once the team is selected, we will notify you. You will then receive access to group missions where you can make your mark as a music promoter, overseen by us at the label. You will also get a reference from the label on completion, as well as get regular opportunity to win prizes, meet other like minded members and get messages and music from our bands. All we ask is that you have approximately 2 hours free every week, and check in with us about activities. Once launched, the initial stages of the launch campaign will run for 3 months, so this would take up approximately 24 hours of your time across the period.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team! Apply to join below. Or email for more info or to chat about this role.
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