Reconnect Health Development Initiative is a mental health charity that works with individuals, groups and organizations to provide support to people affected by mental illness and drug addiction. Reconnect HDI works to build a web of support across the globe, giving people the opportunity to serve humanity through our organization.
It is important that the name of Reconnect HDI be associated with integrity, ethics, and values. Membership equates with being legitimate, active, and ethical.

There are three ways to become a part of Reconnect HDI. Details of these categories are as follows:
1. Executive member:

2. Volunteer:

3. Donor:

 To maximize mental health public awareness to help secure the rights of affected individuals and families
 To promote increased access to quality mental health and drug rehabilitation services in order to give hope
to families and individuals affected  To promote our target reach

We would like all interested parties to join us in our efforts to promote better overall mental health.

Kindly provide the necessary information on your chosen category of membership.

Once this completed application is received, there will be an approval process. When you are accepted as a Reconnect HDI member, you will receive a membership package.
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