James C. Kirkpatrick Library Display Case Request Form
Use of Library Display Cases
Primary Use
• Displays of new books, or library materials on a timely topic
• Publicizing of campus events
• Educational and cultural displays

Secondary Use
• Displays requested by individuals or groups affiliated with the University (first floor of James C. Kirkpatrick Library cases only)

Request Procedure
• Complete online request form, available on the last page.

• Request will be reviewed by Library staff responsible for display cases and approved/not approved by the Dean of Library Services or his/her designee.

• Approved requests will be notified via email and scheduled for a period appropriate to display topic and as available.

• Requests that are not approved will be notified citing grounds for disapproval via email.

• The Dean of Library Services or his/her designee will make a final visual approval of the display in the case to make certain that the display was adequately described in the request form, matches that description, and includes the required sign with contact information of the person and/or group responsible for the display.

The Library and the University of Central Missouri are not liable for any damage, theft, or other incidents related to the contents of the display. Requester may obtain their own liability insurance. The University does not provide this service. Library display cases are intended to be educational and informative.
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