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You can look up the language code at or
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We need the language name in English because the site maintainers can't always read other languages.
What is the language autonym?
In other words, what to the people who speak this language call their own language?
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A dialect is a variation of the same language. Speakers of two different dialects of the same language can understand each other, mostly, sometimes with a little effort. British English and American English are two dialects of English.
If this dialect has a ROD code, what is it?
You can look up ROD codes, if they exist, at
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Something like WEB, KJV, or ASV
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What is or would be printed on the cover of this book? It may be the vernacular equivalent of "Holy Bible", "New Testament", or some other indicator of the scope of the translation.
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Something like "Numanggang Bible"
What is the English description of this text?
Something like "Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, and the New Testament in the Numanggang Language of Papua New Guinea"
Description in another language?
A description of this text in an appropriate language of wider communication other than English appropriate to the region where the readers of this translation live, like Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea, French in Francophone Africa, Portuguese in Brazil, or Spanish in most of South and Central America.
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